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My apologies for not posting this any sooner… but I just wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know that Dena is the winner for the Dr. Bronner’s Giveaway! I’ll put them in the mail this week! Dr.Bronner's Body Balm Orange LavenderThanks to everyone for participating.

And just another quick note, to celebrate Earth Month, I’ll be putting together even more giveaways. As soon as I figure them out, I’ll be sure to post!


dr. bronner's lip balmI finally got the last giveaways out in the mail, so it’s time for a new one!

Sandpaper elbows and chapped lips are big indicators that it’s been a cold winter in our house. I’m normally addicted DCT, but lately, I have a new fondness for Dr. Bronner’s. It’s relatively non-greasy, effective and longlasting. I’ve been toting the Peppermint lip balm with me for the past two weeks. Ingredients include Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil, Natural Tocopherols.

Dr.Bronner's Body Balm Orange LavenderI’m not naming names, but someone’s been rubbing their elbows in the tub of the peppermint body balm. And behold, after a few days of application, this person’s elbows are as good as new. The balm is made with organic jojoba oil with organic beeswax, avocado and hemp oils soothes dry & chapped skin anywhere. An added plus for those ink lovers, it’s supposed to be great for protecting tattoos. It really is like magic.

I honestly had no idea Dr. Bronner’s even made a skin balm. It’s a good thing they do. The soaps are a staple in our house. (the soap, alone, deserves its own post soon) It turns out, Dr. Bronner’s & Sun Dog’s Magic line offers a range of lotions and balms.

But both, the lip balm and skin balm, are really great products. The fact that they’re organic is a huge plus, too.

The giveaway is for the orange and ginger flavored lip balm and orange lavender body balm. I’ll leave it open for a week and announce a winner at the end of next week.

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I’m not sure who has off like me today, so I don’t know if too many people are around. I thought I’d do a quick post while the boy naps and before I pack and all that other fun stuff.

too big for the bassinetBoth of my parents were visiting us this week, which was a nice change of pace since dad is usually on my “team.” It felt like I had someone backing me every time I was headbutting my mom about something. As always, I love watching them interact with Jack, whom they deem royalty. They took off for Va. last night and brought a bunch of stuff Jack has outgrown to take into storage, i.e., their garage. I very reluctantly packed up the bassinet attachment to Jack’s stroller. But before my dad took it out to the car, I plopped Jack in to see how he “fit.” Not so surprisingly, he barely fit. He thought it was a fun place to hang but was very disturbed when he realized that he couldn’t roll out/over/into the bassinet. Nevertheless, just like me, he was sad to see it go. Bye baby Sad to see bassinet gobassinet, we’ll see you again in a few years.

Speaking of rolling, Jack continues to hone his mobility. He knows he wants to move, but hasnrolling off the changing pad‘t figured out that he needs to move his legs AND arms, so he still sort of “flies,” but has somewhat gotten the rolling thing down. He even rolls off of the changing pad, now. (Quick sidenote: we don’t have an official changing table bc of space constraints, so we just use the changing pad on the floor.)
When I blink my eyes or turn my head for 2 seconds to grab the wipes, it’s not uncommon to find him all sprawled out a few feet OFF of the changing pad. I’m pretty sure they make the belts on those pads for babies like him.

And finally, since I’m talking about mischief, like his mom and dad, Jack has a fondness for snacks. Well, obviously, not the actual food yet, but the bag. Yeah. The other night tortilla chips are fun!when we had that delicious salsa, we discovered that Jack was completely mesmerized by the sound the bag of tortilla chips made. Every time I dug into the bag, he would stop what he was doing and stare. Clearly, he had no clue what deliciousness was encased in the bag, but it was the bag itself that was his new obsession. So, we gave him the bag and let him go to town for a few minutes. Good times!!

And finally, I have another giveaway BUT I have an unhappy fella in the other room that is calling for me! So, I’ll do my best to post later, but if not, I’ll definitely do it on Monday.

Drum roll please…

The winners for the Eyewitness eye creme are: Suzi and Carrie Kiss My Face Eyewitness

The Chamomile and Olive soap goes to Dee.

Thanks for participating in the giveaway. Keep an eye out for another giveaway this week!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008I know, I’m a little late. Keep your party hats on because I’m not one to miss out on a good party! I know it’s the tail end of a great soirĂ©e, but I’m peeking into the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.

For those visiting from the Blog Party, come, stay a while and grab a spoon while I call Cold Stone. For the usual crew, hangout for the tour because I have a few freebies below!

I’m Jen, but my closest friends call me Jenrab. I’m an editor/journalist and a new mama. I’m a huge Target fan, product junkie and obsessive researcher.

Chasing my dream landed us in the NYC area, where I live with my husband and 5 month old in a small apartment outside of NYC. Since having Jack, I’m trying to find that balance of career/mom/wife and everything in between.

This blog started out as an open letter to family and friends back home, as an update on the minutiae of my pregnancy and our my maniacal ways. It’s blossomed into my daily diversions of city living, motherhood, product reviews and green living, with plenty of nonsense in between.

I’m married to Jeff who’s quite the character. We’ve been friends since jr. high. I often write about the crazy things he says and does.

After a 2 year struggle with infertility, we welcomed our funny boy, Jackson, in September. And of course, he, too, makes me laugh incessantly. Motherhood is everything ‘they’ say it is and more.

As a journalist, it’s second nature for me to find an angle and tell a story of an otherwise forgotten moment…and Babyrific is just that. Everyday’s deadline time around here.

Feel free to join us for the crazy ride!

Kiss My Face EyewitnessAnd while we’re partying, did I mention how much I love party favors? Every good party should have an equally cool party favor. Everyone knows I love party favors, but since I can’t send you a homemade fruit tart, I can share a fun organic/natural product instead! I couldn’t think of a better chance to offer my first giveaways!

In order to achieve balance, something, somewhere has to give.

For me? It’s been sleep.

Every woman has their own tricks of the trade. This is one of mine. There are tons of remedies to soften the appearance of exhaustion. One of my favorite products to achieve that is, Kiss My Face’s Obsessively Organic Eyewitness Eye Repair creme.

I’m a HUGE fan of Kiss My Face products, and I’m an even bigger fan of their Obsessively Organic Line. I just can’t get enough. I have TWO of these to give away!! Comment if you want it!

I also have up for grabs, a bar of Kiss My Face’s Olive & Chamomile Soap. I haven’t tried it, but I love this line. I trust you will too.

Not that you asked, but even though I’m 31, I have skin like a teenager. Don’t get me started on what it was like during pregnancy! Anywho, I swear by the same line’s Break Out blemish gel. GOOD stuff!

The giveaways are open to partyers, friends and family alike! In order to be considered for the giveaway, please comment and leave a valid email before Monday night, March 17. I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

Check in for more giveaways to celebrate the unveiling of my new domain!

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