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for the Montel show. You might see a familiar face in the audience today.

The show I attended with a friend explored Explosive Controversies, including topics such as the war and illegal immigration. It was extremely enlightening and interesting. I’m glad I had a chance to attend since Montel was recently canceled.

Considering the embarrassing news of a certain governor, the show title is pretty timely.


We waited patiently in our designated exam room at Jack’s pediatrician appointment on Monday, while we watched the two doctors whizz by and visit the patients before us. As crying babies and toddlers served as the cacophonous backdrop, we shut our exam room door since Jack thought it was a good idea to chime in with his own shrilly cries.

I fed Mr. Hungry and 15 minutes later, still no dr. Not only was Jack getting impatient, but so were we since Jeff and I strapped the kid in his stroller and walked him to the dr, immediately as we got home from work. It was 7pm with no dinner, no doctor and nothing to do but wait.

After all that waiting during the dr’s office “rush hour” my attention span was shorter than a 3 year old’s. So, I picked up one of the many magazines that sat on the table next to the sink. I flipped through a coverless, tattered magazine and noticed a bunch of ads for products that caught my attention. As Jeff tried to shush the sleepy boy, I found myself buried in this particular magazine that I’d never read before. I went straight to the masthead and studied the magazine’s details, just like I always do whenever I come across an engaging publication.

I started reading an article and looked up to check and see if the door was still closed. It was. Sweet!

I closed the old magazine and hastily decided to help myself. Everyone takes magazines. I work for a magazine I thought, so I should take it for “research.” hahaha.

As I shoved the ragged magazine into the diaper bag, I looked up at Jeff and whispered, “You think it’s ok that I take this?”

He furled his brows and looked at me like I had 17 heads.
“Um. No, it’s not ok.”

I shot back, “Uh, it’s probably a comp copy anyway. I’m sure they’re just going to toss it soon. I mean, look at it.”

“Well, did you PAY for it?”
He didn’t even give me a chance to bitch back before he justified himself even more.
“So, NO, it’s NOT ok that you take it.”

In a very entitled and Tony Soprano-esque way, I put the stupid magazine back on the table and pouted in the corner, not because I couldn’t take the magazine, but because I knew I was wrong.

(There, I said it. I’m wrong A LOT and this whole admitting my wrong-doing is a whole new thing for me.)

If I learned anything from watching the Sopranos, it was to not steal magazines from the dr’s office. Clearly, mommy was not the moral compass that night, but I wanted that damn magazine! hahaha.

With a few shakeups at work and getting ready for our departure next week, things have been hectic. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Happy 231st Birthday, America!
It was strange to have a mid-week break, especially since it was so cold and dreary in the NYC area. Since we had to work today, Jeff and I spent the day relaxing at home yesterday. I spent most of the day laying in bed because it seems like the nausea is back. bleck. Oh well– It was nice laying in bed, pretending that it was Saturday. However, I did get out of bed for lunch…specifically, for Chicken McNuggets. More on that in a bit.
Since it was cold and rainy, we opted to stay local for the fireworks. We usually go out west to hang with our friends, but with the nausea and mid week rush, it made more sense to check out the Macy’s fireworks from our friends’ friends’ roofdeck. Good times were had by all despite the soggy climate.

Now, about those Chicken McNuggets: My husband loves commercials. His favorite commercials are usually ESPN ones, but every now and then, a beer or food commercial will catch his attention. And then, he’ll sing and repeat it over and over and over and over again for weeks– until I ask him to get over it and find something new to repeat. So, this week, his favorite commercial is the latest McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets commercial.

Has anyone seen it? It’s basically two dudes, standing in front of McDonald’s somewhere in middle America, beat boxing and rapping about their fervor for Chicken McNuggets. yeah.

It’s ridiculous and catchy and it’s something that has been viewed over and over by dudes like my husband on YouTube. (almost 34,000 times to be exact!) So, as one can imagine, Jeff spent the whole day playing and replaying this commercial. I hope my child doesn’t inherit that repetitious habit my husband thrives on. If he does, someone help me.
After listening to the commercial play so many times, I started to crave those damn Chicken McNuggets. Despite the requisite heartburn and excess calories, I made Jeff drive me down to McDonald’s to get one of those 10 piece value meals. We’re the type of people that makes McDonald’s billions of dollars a year, thanks to their marketing tactics. We’re a ridiculous pair, let me tell you.
Almost as ridiculous as the two dudes rapping about those damn McNuggets.

Just when I thought I could rest my brain and lay off the tv for the summer, I go and get hooked on another show. As if I need to get hooked on another show!

As I flipped the channels on Sunday night while cooking dinner, I came across a show on Discovery that was titled “Sextuplets.” Jeff came into the room and was immediately hooked.
“You’ve GOT to see this!” he yelled to me from the living room.

When I poked my head out of the kitchen, I saw this woman’s very engorged pregnant belly. eek. I was immediately hooked too.

Discovery had a marathon and I ended up watching about 5 or 6 episodes. I just couldn’t turn away! This young couple, probably no older than us, had fertility treatments and had their twins. Several years later, they endured treatments again and had six more babies. I can barely imagine life with one baby, nevermind 8!

This family is so incredible. They’ve been on Martha and Dr. Phil before, so it’s cool that they’ve got their own show. Though things seem inevitably hectic, there was so much organization and structure. I was amazed when Kate, the mom, went grocery shopping for her family of 10. She was a coupon cutting-fiend and a religious sale paper checker. I believe she said, to feed all 10 of them per week, she aimed to spend around $150. Amazing to me, considering we spend that amount on takeout when we’re too lazy to brown bag it.

To boot, all of these kids are the cutest little individuals and so adorable. It looks like the new season of Jon and Kate + 8 starts tonight at 10 on the Discovery. So for you people that go to bed early, if you have a chance to DVR/TiVo definitely check it out.

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