My friend at work brought in some delicious treats today. Right now, I’ve got a gorgeous cupcake from Magnolia’s taunting me at the edge of my desk. I also have a bottle of that cupcakes.jpgorange glucose crap waiting for me in my work fridge. YUCK. Though I have temptation staring at me right in the face, I know I should resist the million grams of sugar and wait to eat that cupcake until AFTER my glucose test this afternoon. I read a little blurb on one of my 26 week pregnancy emails that I should “not eat, drink, smoke, or exercise strenuously for at least 8 hours before your first blood sample is taken”gross.jpg Considering I haven’t seen the inside of our gym in a few months, I’m ok there. I quit smoking in January, so that’s ok too. The drinking part should be fine, assuming I don’t inhale the watercooler before the appointment. So really, it would behoove me to refrain from shoving that cupcake in my face, right?

Since my appointment is this afternoon, and it takes me about an hour to get to my dr. from the City, I have to drink this delicious orange drink before I commute to NJ. I’m not looking forward to it. Wish me luck on this GD test, though I know it’s not luck that has anything to do with my body’s capabilities.

Other than the GD test, there have been a handful of developments over the past few weeks that I’m not sure I’ve mentioned.

  • I’m almost in my third trimester, and I’m about to hit double digits. Is it too early to panic?
  • Baby has been hiccuping quite regularly– at least daily, if not twice a day. Sometimes I feel the hiccups pretty low, sometimes they’re above my belly button.
  • I think he might be running out of room in there. I don’t feel the whole body rotations as often anymore.
  • Baby seems to like Kelly Clarkson like his dad. The other night, while we were listening to my iPod before bed, Kelly Clarkson song came on. Jeff started dancing (!) and so did baby, at least that’s what it felt like.
  • I’m already being a naughty mom. Since I read that baby can respond to touch, I’ve been tapping my belly in the mornings to say hello to the little guy. Jeff insists that I’m probably poking his eye out when I do this, but what do you know, he always kicks back, as if to say, “lady, leave me ALONE. You’ll have a lifetime to bug me.”
  • I scheduled our childbirth class this week. It’s scheduled for the end of July when I’ll be 32 weeks. It’s an all day class at the hospital we plan to deliver at, so we’ll also be getting a tour of the maternity ward. Wow.
  • We’re steadily purging a lot of clutter to make room for baby. Last weekend, we must’ve thrown away 8 bags of crap. It’s amazing how much stuff we (I) accumulate in such a small space. It’s an empowering feeling to make room for this little roommate of ours.
  • I’ve been researching ideas for his “nursery.” I’ve scoured the web in search of affordable and non-cheesy bedding for his crib, and I’ve come to terms that I’ll probably end up doing certain things myself. Since his nursery will essentially be out in the open, I think we’re going for something modern and classic that blends in with the rest of our living space.
  • I’ve been getting some hilarious and not-so appropriate comments lately. A male acquaintance recently approached me, and probably unsure how to compliment my growing changes, he simply said, “Wow. It looks like you’re going to pop any day now.” haha. This comment was as appealing as my husband’s recent comment to one of his female coworkers who recently went through a breakup. “You should join a club. You know, a break up club where you can bash men all day long.” What? Who says that?americone_dream_pint.jpg
  • I haven’t stopped reading pregnancy/baby/parenting books yet. This weekend, I’m picking up 3 more books at the library and I can’t wait. I’ve read close to 30 books on various baby topics. It’s my nature to research; I love reading.
  • Ben and Jerry’s AmeriCone Dream is my favorite ice cream flavor right now. It’s heaven in a pint.