We got a few cute phone calls yesterday. I can’t resist and thought I’d share. I know my sister in law and mother in law will get a kick out of it!

As I was making dinner last night, I noticed I had a new voicemail. I saw that I missed a call from Jeff’s sister, so I called the number back before listening to the voicemail.

On the other end of the phone, I was expecting to hear a friendly hello from my sister in law. Instead, it was our 6 year old niece’s tiny voice.

She’s usually very shy, but she started firing the questions right away: “Hi Aunt Jen. I just wanted to call and say hello. I tried to call Uncle Jeff, but he didn’t pick up either. Where is he? How come he didn’t answer his phone? Is he there? How come he’s not home yet?”

I told her I was home by myself cooking, waiting for her uncle to come home. I explained that like her daddy, uncle Jeff has to work a lot too, especially since he’s going to be a daddy too.

“Oh, so you’re by yourself? What time does he come home? My daddy works 24 hour shifts.”

She went on to tell me about a few school friends and how so and so did something at school today. And that her first grade teacher is getting married and she’ll have a new name.

I was still cooking, but very intrigued by her conversation. So with each new story she shared, I made sure to inject an enthusiastic, “oh, how cool.” or “very cool!”

and then she busted me and my monotonous tone: “Aunt Jen? I’m curious. How come you say cool a lot? I mean it’s ok, but you say it a lot.”

“Well, I don’t know. I guess it’s one of my favorite words.”  I mean, what do you say to that?

“Oh ok. I’m just sayin’, I was just curious. Ok. I guess I’ll let you go.” She told me so nonchalantly, as if I was one of her girlfriends.

When he finally got home a little before 9 last night, Jeff and I exchanged our usual hellos.
When I sat his dinner down in front of him, he smiled and said something like, “thanks for dinner and I’m sorry for coming home 2 hours late and leaving you all alone again.”

I told him, “I wasn’t completely alone! I had a nice phone conversation before you got home!”

Jeff smirked, “Let me guess. Was it Britney? She called me and left me a message saying I needed to go home soon because Aunt Jen was all by herself.”

Her cute call kept me smiling the rest of the night. It’s phone calls like those that make me forget all about the long distance between our families.