It’s a hot one today in NYC. At 8 a.m., on this blistery Monday morning, I was greeted with a sweltering platform, overflowing with ornery commuters like me. As usual, computer bags and aggressive commuters thrusted against my protruding belly, making for another stressful commute to work. And instead of any offers to sit, I got the usual stares from Stiletto chicks and newspaper reading “avoidance” from others. Though gritting my teeth almost the entire way, I made it to the City almost unscathed, albeit very bitter.


And then I remembered how I packed our many bottles of sunscreen (waterproof, lower spf and a new organic one) and our collection of beach supplies last night! Sweet relief! Our trip home couldn’t come soon enough. As if I wasn’t already counting down the days until this break from my mundane schedule, this break from the NYC heatwave was impeccably timed.
It’s just as hot, if not hotter in Va. But the only difference is that I won’t have to endure public transportation while on vacation. No trains, buses or walking through the concrete jungle for a good week!

Other than celebrating my birthday with family– the first time in 3 or 4 years– the highlight of our trip will definitely be the trip to the waterpark with our nieces and nephews. Who, by the way, are quite possibly the coolest kids, ever. We’ve tried our best to keep close relationships despite living several states away. The internet and frequent calls make things so much easier. Jeff and I often talk about how we love watching the 4 cousins interact together. They’re all so different and wonderful. I especially love watching the 2 boys rough house with their aging uncle.
The kids, in their own special way, are all invested in their baby cousin. It truly makes my heart melt. Initially, I was sad that our child(ren) would be so far apart in age than their cousins. But, now, knowing how invested and intrigued they are about baby’s impending arrival, I think it’s awesome that they’re all “older” and can contribute in their own way, whether it’s teaching baby how to shoot hoops, catch a baseball, read a book or *ahem* help change diapers 😉