With the 3rd trimester lurking around the corner, my ongoing pregnancy to-do list seems to shrink faster than my belly grows. My belly, by the way, seems to grow at a rapid pace.
It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that fact that baby B is about a lb. now. As his kicks have become more and more consistent, they get harder and more pronounced. On Saturday night, I actually experienced something new. At about 4am after getting up to go to the bathroom, my eyes were wide open and suddenly, I wasn’t tired anymore. The sun wasn’t out yet; I could still hear a few bar stragglers outside and Jeff was sound asleep. So, I watched a few forgotten movies to bide my time before falling back asleep.
While I was watching North Shore (classic!) I felt a tiny thump to the left of my belly button. Then I felt it again. and again. I lifted my shirt up and SAW the tiny thump– my belly was moving with the thump. It was a strange sight to see my belly move. I couldn’t help but giggle with each movement. When I realized that this quick, intermittent motion from within wasn’t the babe kicking, I assumed he had the hiccups. Too funny. I mean, I felt bad the little guy had the hiccups, but it was reassuring to know that his lungs are functioning in there.
My giggling slightly woke Jeff up and I had to ask him if he wanted to feel my belly. I got a very emphatic, “no thanks, maybe later.” Oh well. It was a cool moment to experience, especially in the middle of the night while I was wide awake.

So, back to my shrinking to-do list. My mom called me no less than what seemed like 10 times this weekend to ask me questions. Apparently, a certain soirée is being planned back home. I’m certainly excited about it, but good lord, the phone calls and random explanations get exhausting. (Because of the sometimes-language barrier, I have to explain mundane things 3 times or more. Not that I mind, I just become one of those annoying cell phone screamers you hear on the street.)
Needless to say, I’m so so grateful for my family and everything they do. Life gets a little taxing at times with all this excitement and anxiety.

Now, I’m on to researching childbirth classes. I called the hospital where I plan to deliver (different than the crappy hospital) and inquired about childbirth classes today. It was quite surreal to be asking, “I’d like to more information on your schedule of childbirth classes.” It was so comforting to get this really sweet lady on the other end who said things like, “Hang on, sweetheart. I’m gonna put you on hold.”
Sweetheart? Getting called hon or sweetie is a total Va. thing, but cordial greetings like that are hard to come by up here! I’m going to love this hospital 🙂 Did I also mention that my OB is featured on the TV commercial for this hospital? I was just meant to have this baby at that hospital!

Speaking of having this baby, I’ve grasped the idea of becoming a mom in a few months but I haven’t accepted the fact that I physically have to HAVE him. haha.
I’ve heard the various stories from my mom, a few friends and even a few relatives. But no matter how much I read, research and ask questions from my loved ones, my childbirth experience will, more than likely, be unequivocal to what I expect. or so I hear. and hope!

I’m getting so excited!