We had an exciting weekend, and one that didn’t wholly take place on the couch. Since I’m still sick pretty much every day, it’s hard to go out and “party” like we used to. I’m still trying to adapt to being around beer and booze in general, and not because I can’t drink it; but because the thought of it still makes me want to gag. It’s still hard to believe I/we used to drink socially 4-5 nights a week.

On Saturday, for our friend’s birthday, we went out with a bunch of people for a night in the City. Again, something Jeff and I haven’t done ourselves in a long time. (Jeff hates the chaos of the city and prefers staying in our neighborhood) I personally adore the City and can’t get enough of it. It was the birthday girl’s (Happy Birthday, Lisa!) choice to have Cajun for dinner and to listen to some jazz afterwards. We all had a fun time at Acme in the Village where Jeff was excited to see they served PBR in the can. Jeff’s uncle would’ve been proud 🙂

Jazz at Terra Blues was also a fun time, however I felt very old because I couldn’t get over how loud it was. We found a group of tables right in front of the stage and enjoyed the T Blues Band. When we sat down and got situated, everyone put their coats in the corner. When a friend asked if I wanted to put my coat in the corner, I instinctively said no and that I’d rather hold it on my lap. Since I knew our front row location would be extremely loud, I explained to a few friends that I’d rather keep my coat on my lap as sort of a buffer for the baby. My friend was surprised and said she would have never thought of that. I surprised myself for even thinking of that. (Not that my coat would’ve done much, I was being overzealous I guess.) We spent less than 2 hours at the jazz club, so the noise level and time wouldn’t be enough to do any real damage. However, it ended up being ridiculously loud at some points, I almost had to get up and excuse myself because I felt somewhat uncomfortable. All in all, it wasn’t too bad and I had a wonderful time. I imagine nights out in the city will be scarce in the future, so it was a great way to enjoy time with good friends.


Sunday was the long awaited opening day of baseball! As a diehard Mets fan, Jeff was on his toes in anticipation for that first pitch. It was a long winter after the Mets thrilling season, but sad ending last year. We try and hit at least a handful of games every season, aiming to attend more games than the previous year. This year, since I won’t be able to fit into my regular Mets t-shirts, I did a little research and found a perfect substitute.


After the opening game and defeating the reigning World Series champs last night, the Mets, as expected, look awesome! My pregnancy is going to coincide with baseball season, and hopefully with the post season. I should know, Jeff was calculating my due date and possible playoff dates.

Lovingly, he said he was scared he’d have to miss the Mets playoff games if delivery and the playoff games coincided.

Thankfully, according to Jeff, the baby will conveniently be born at the end of the regular season.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!