Aside from fruit, ice cream and baked potatoes, I’ve been craving a lot of meat so far. I could easily eat steak every day if I could.

Even before this pregnancy, we’ve tried our best to balance our meals with chicken, fish, turkey, pork and veggies. But man, what I’d do for a giant Rib Eye from Outback or a delicious burger from the Shake Shack right now.


While I was researching the headlines for work this morning, I ran across this fancy headline from Reuters, and printed in the Post. It’s another one of those fine pregnancy warnings.

BABY BEEF GRIEF it reads!!!

There was a study where the University of Rochester Medical Center studied data on the partners of 387 pregnant women in five U.S. cities between 2000 and 2005, and on the mothers of the fathers-to-be. Of the 51 men whose mothers remembered eating the most beef, 18 percent had sperm counts classified by the World Health Organization as “sub-fertile.”

The article basically has some valid points in saying that, “pesticides, hormones or contaminants in cattle feed may be to blame. Chemicals can build up in the fat of animals that eat contaminated feed or grass, and cattle were and are routinely given hormones to boost their growth.”

Which, in my opinion could be avoided in the future by choosing to go organic. While it’s not the simplest solution, it’s still a viable alternative; and one that I’ll hopefully continue to follow whenever we can.

I don’t necessarily heed all of these warnings and studies, but something like this does create a cause for concern. With all the hormones and pesticides out there, God only knows what we really ingest on a daily basis. Aside from us, many of our friends, even my parents are opting to go green and more organic. Can anyone blame them?

I’m wondering though, will Wendy’s be kind enough to adhere to more organic standards? *I’ll have the organic Big Bacon Classic, please.*

That’d be really awesome if they could.