Happy happy summer everyone! With today being the first full day of summer AND it being Friday, I have to say I’m most excited about today marking the beginning of my third trimester!

I don’t want to jinx myself, but physically, I’m feeling awesome. My belly gets bigger and bigger every day, but I’m managing. I keep telling everyone that I’m feeling very turtle-like lately. You know how turtles can’t flip over if they’re on their backs? Yeah, that’s me if I’m on the couch or laying in bed.

tutle.jpg Emotionally, I’m ok. I have my definite ups and downs as usual– sometimes the extreme mood swings scare me, so I can’t imagine what Jeff must feel like. I’m also starting to “miss” my old life. It’s finally settling in that there’s no turning back. I haven’t really missed much up until now. I miss going to the bar every Friday for what the buck and enjoying a night out with Jeff and our bar friends. I’m definitely going to miss the Sangria this summer. Summer is my favorite time of year and I have so many fond memories of being carefree and young. At the same time, my excitement for the babe and getting everything into place for his arrival is starting to cloud those missed memories.

On a happier note, I’m counting down to our vacation in July. I can’t wait to go home, go to the beach and relax!

On that note, I thought I’d do another list to commemorate the end of my second trimester.

1. My husband enjoys drinking, sometimes a little too much 🙂 And so I yell like a banshee.
2. There’s research on about everything kid-related. Everyone has an opinion, didn’t you know?
3. People like to stare at my Mr. Softee ice cream.
4. I would eat a burger every day if I could.
5. Baby B. will be a music lover for sure.
6. I dreaded the transition into maternity clothes.
7. The first flutters was an amazing feeling!
8. My late grandma left quite the indelible impression.
9. Our town floods like crazy.
10. Listening to Baby’s heartbeat made things so much more real!
11. Prenatal massages are heavenly.
12. News alert: I’m big and I’m ok with that!
13. Shirley Temple martinis are a fun substitute.
14. My mom’s still excited.
15. I hear angels when I see Target.
16. Jeff now understands the concept of muumuus.
17. I truly believe that this world deserves another person as wonderful as Jeff.
18. He’s a boy!
19. And he’s “packin‘”
20. Our moms rock.
21. Baby Bargains has been our bible.
22. Furniture was ordered.
23. Babies are still expensive.
24. If I don’t be careful, baby’s first word might be, asssssshooooole.
25. My brother’s a big kid.
26. Surprisingly, Buckler’s is a delicious non-alcoholic beer.
27. Our niece is adorable. She’s going to be a great “big sister” cousin.
28. Baby hiccups in utero are great.
29. Supernanny does no wrong in Jeff’s eyes.
30. Baby clothes shopping is fun.
31. I’m getting even rounder.
32. Change and sacrifice are hard.
33. The glucose test is gross.
34. I still like ice cream.
35. My dad’s a superhero.
36. Baseball, buddies and beer make it all better.

Where has the time gone? I really thought my pregnancy was going to drag painfully… maybe it will over the next few months, but I’m doubting that!