Our dr’s appointment went without a hitch on Friday. My blood results came back normal, my weight gain is ok and the dr. said, based on the ultrasound, baby is progressing well. The only topic of concern was the slight swelling of my ankles: “Try and lay off the salt!” Doc said. I guess that means I should cook wisely with the 4(!) bottles of soy sauce Jeff discovered this weekend while organizing our teeny kitchen.
Aside from that, Jeff and I were both nervous when the nurse was trying to detect the baby’s heartbeat. After a nerve-wracking 4-5 minutes, she finally located it –we’ll blame it on the baby’s necessity to move at all times. Baby’s heartbeat measured in at a healthy 145 bpm.

As I looked over my planner last night, I realized we have quite a few important baby-related tasks to accomplish in the coming weeks. We ordered our crib because the specific crib we’re getting for our faux nursery can take up to 12 weeks to come in (that would put us at Aug!) More importantly, the dr. advised that we should go ahead and look into child birth classes at our hospital. whoa, already?! And this week, since baby was uncooperative last time, we’re going back for our second Level II Ultrasound to hopefully get a better view of baby’s heart.

Keep your fingers crossed that he stays still this time…and that we have a much better experience than the last!