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Just a quick post since I should be finishing up work and heading off to a business dinner. *snooze*

By the way, said business dinner dictated wearing a suit– um, yeah, considering I wear flip flops and jeans to work every day, I refused to buy maternity business attire. However, I think I made it work with my bella band, maternity blouse and one of my regular suits. Seriously, I don’t think my “old white hair” colleagues will even notice. ha.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my 25week belly shot. I’m feeling really great and truly loving every aspect of my pregnancy right now. (besides the heat, my feet growing and the psychotic mood swings!) As always, Jeff’s been wonderful. He recently went grocery shopping on his own so I wouldn’t have to lug too many bags home on foot. haha. He did a great job, but let’s just say, he opted not to buy a few things because “that’s not how Jenny usually buys it.”

On a side note, I’m really missing home right now, mainly because I know I won’t be home for another month. I talk to mom regularly and I hear dad and my aunties have been quite busy prepping the house for baby’s arrival. One would think baby would be living there, with all the preparations they’re doing…just another wonderful reminder of how much we’re loved.

More updates later– I’m off to snoozefest 🙂