Just when I thought I could rest my brain and lay off the tv for the summer, I go and get hooked on another show. As if I need to get hooked on another show!

As I flipped the channels on Sunday night while cooking dinner, I came across a show on Discovery that was titled “Sextuplets.” Jeff came into the room and was immediately hooked.
“You’ve GOT to see this!” he yelled to me from the living room.

When I poked my head out of the kitchen, I saw this woman’s very engorged pregnant belly. eek. I was immediately hooked too.

Discovery had a marathon and I ended up watching about 5 or 6 episodes. I just couldn’t turn away! This young couple, probably no older than us, had fertility treatments and had their twins. Several years later, they endured treatments again and had six more babies. I can barely imagine life with one baby, nevermind 8!

This family is so incredible. They’ve been on Martha and Dr. Phil before, so it’s cool that they’ve got their own show. Though things seem inevitably hectic, there was so much organization and structure. I was amazed when Kate, the mom, went grocery shopping for her family of 10. She was a coupon cutting-fiend and a religious sale paper checker. I believe she said, to feed all 10 of them per week, she aimed to spend around $150. Amazing to me, considering we spend that amount on takeout when we’re too lazy to brown bag it.

To boot, all of these kids are the cutest little individuals and so adorable. It looks like the new season of Jon and Kate + 8 starts tonight at 10 on the Discovery. So for you people that go to bed early, if you have a chance to DVR/TiVo definitely check it out.