Ultimate Blog Party 2008I know, I’m a little late. Keep your party hats on because I’m not one to miss out on a good party! I know it’s the tail end of a great soirée, but I’m peeking into the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom.

For those visiting from the Blog Party, come, stay a while and grab a spoon while I call Cold Stone. For the usual crew, hangout for the tour because I have a few freebies below!

I’m Jen, but my closest friends call me Jenrab. I’m an editor/journalist and a new mama. I’m a huge Target fan, product junkie and obsessive researcher.

Chasing my dream landed us in the NYC area, where I live with my husband and 5 month old in a small apartment outside of NYC. Since having Jack, I’m trying to find that balance of career/mom/wife and everything in between.

This blog started out as an open letter to family and friends back home, as an update on the minutiae of my pregnancy and our my maniacal ways. It’s blossomed into my daily diversions of city living, motherhood, product reviews and green living, with plenty of nonsense in between.

I’m married to Jeff who’s quite the character. We’ve been friends since jr. high. I often write about the crazy things he says and does.

After a 2 year struggle with infertility, we welcomed our funny boy, Jackson, in September. And of course, he, too, makes me laugh incessantly. Motherhood is everything ‘they’ say it is and more.

As a journalist, it’s second nature for me to find an angle and tell a story of an otherwise forgotten moment…and Babyrific is just that. Everyday’s deadline time around here.

Feel free to join us for the crazy ride!

Kiss My Face EyewitnessAnd while we’re partying, did I mention how much I love party favors? Every good party should have an equally cool party favor. Everyone knows I love party favors, but since I can’t send you a homemade fruit tart, I can share a fun organic/natural product instead! I couldn’t think of a better chance to offer my first giveaways!

In order to achieve balance, something, somewhere has to give.

For me? It’s been sleep.

Every woman has their own tricks of the trade. This is one of mine. There are tons of remedies to soften the appearance of exhaustion. One of my favorite products to achieve that is, Kiss My Face’s Obsessively Organic Eyewitness Eye Repair creme.

I’m a HUGE fan of Kiss My Face products, and I’m an even bigger fan of their Obsessively Organic Line. I just can’t get enough. I have TWO of these to give away!! Comment if you want it!

I also have up for grabs, a bar of Kiss My Face’s Olive & Chamomile Soap. I haven’t tried it, but I love this line. I trust you will too.

Not that you asked, but even though I’m 31, I have skin like a teenager. Don’t get me started on what it was like during pregnancy! Anywho, I swear by the same line’s Break Out blemish gel. GOOD stuff!

The giveaways are open to partyers, friends and family alike! In order to be considered for the giveaway, please comment and leave a valid email before Monday night, March 17. I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

Check in for more giveaways to celebrate the unveiling of my new domain!