As we begin the second week of the new year, I can confidently say that I’m doing a pretty good job on keeping my resolution. In years past, by now, I would have had plenty of time to destroy my freshly-inked resolutions. Losing weight, being healthier, curbing the spending, going to bed earlier, finding more creative outlets… I’m notorious for making feasible, but still breakable resolutions. Nevertheless, I still believe in them. I’m a big believer in starting fresh. And with a new year, a new kid, a whole new perspective on life, a clean slate is the best way start!

This year, my resolution isn’t one that can easily be broken for vanity or selfish reasons. This year’s resolution is more like a promise and a responsibility above all else; it’s not all about me anymore. Having a kid really does change you and without a doubt, it’s changed our little family’s entire perspective. This year and for the years to come, it’s my vow to go even greener than years past.

To backtrack a bit, we have a very good friend whose parents were ahead of their time. Our friend’s parents followed a green and organic lifestyle. Back when we first met Steve, even though we may have done our part to recycle and be green in our own way, we never really had a grasp that it was a way of life for many families. We didn’t get why everything in their house was natural and mostly organic. All natural soap? huh? As the catchphrase “being green” caught on many years later, it’s no doubt that our friend’s family were doing us all a kind favor.

Since then and as we’ve settled in our apartment, I’ve slowly researched and followed the significance of organics and eco-friendly products. Over the years and even moreso after I got pregnant, I’ve transitioned to all natural soaps, facewash, lotions, among other things all around us. Even things in our fridge have gone organic. And with Jack’s arrival, we’ve been introducing as many organic, natural and eco-friendly products as possible, including trying to reduce waste and reassess our carbon footprint. With Jack about to begin solids in a few short weeks/months, I know he’ll be constructing his own thoughts and ideas before we know it. And so, it’s my quest to hopefully instill a greener lifestyle all together.

518kd9xmnal_bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_.jpgFor the past year or so, I’ve been reading various books on the topic, but most specifically, the book I’m reading now, Raising Baby Green, is a very insightful reference and resource for greener living. It makes much more sense to everything we’d been following, but emphasizes the importance of being even more environmentally conscious as new parents. Written by a pediatrician, I feel even more influenced to heed his suggestions about raising a green baby. In an article I recently read, a very well known actress said of her new role as mom, “having kids is a great catalyst for reflection and action.”

My sentiments exactly.

Yesterday after I fed Jack, I noticed he had a very red rash on the left side of his face, immediately following his feeding. It clicked that he got his rash from my very abrasive pullover (made of synthetic fibers, no less) that was touching his face while he was eating. It occurred to me that not only is my boy super-sensitive to everything, but he’s so vulnerable to the world around him. Now more than ever, as his parents, it’s up to us to educate and protect him from the very things that could harm and/or nuture him.

A good number of our friends and family have also been following a greener lifestyle, most especially, my friend/Jeff and Jack’s cousin(s.) We’ve got a long way to go, in terms of reducing our carbon footprint (saying adios to our gas guzzling suv, filter water, reduce energy consumption, bring canvas bags to the grocery store, stop wasting so much natural resources, period!)

While I know it’s probably not feasible to be 100% completely organic or eco-friendly, I know it’s something that I need to be more conscientious about– not just for Jack, but for the greater good.