You may or may not know, but I hear angels sing when I see that red bullseye. I heart Target that much.

Bargain hunting and finding cool stuff are synonymous with any trip to Target, but it was my latest find at the Dollar Spot that made me love the big box store even more. The corner of the store that normally sells tchotchkes, crafty items and stocking stuffer-worthy toys, now offers Target reusable bags. As if I needed more reasons to love Tar-jay, their Dollar Spot gives me a reason to wake up even earlier every Saturday morning.

Like most environmentally-conscious stores, Target has pledged to do their part to go green. It’s not that I needed another reusable bag to add to my growing collection, but it was my Dollar Spot find that made me realize that the more conscious the general public gets about the environment, the more mainstream these eco-friendly products become. It’s the sign of the times.
Target reusable bagOk, back to the cool bag. The green find, or rather, the red find, is a reusable bag composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene fabric. The bags are Green Bags and were initially launched in CA as part of a regulatory requirement. The bag is now making its presence in other states.

According to Sustainable is Good, the Target reusable shopping bags feature some original and interesting graphic design. The design on the bag features the Target tree bullseye illustration done by MinTarget reusable bagneapolis-based Wink.

The durable totebags are environmentally-friendly and include handles. My favorite feature? When not in use, the bag can be folded and packed away into the built-in zippered pouch. In case your Target doesn’t carry the bags, you can also find them online.

For $1, you can’t go wrong. Green, cool and compact.