Like I do every night, before bed last night I was busy with my nightly pumping ritual and preparing bottles for the kid. After pumping, since we have no dishwasher, I always sanitize the pump parts in our microwave sanitizer. Since I use bottles made by a different manufacturer than the sanitizer, sometimes all the contents don’t fit properly.

In a maniacal frenzy, I was bound to make the 5 bottles, lids and pump parts fit so I only had to sit through one 4-minute microwaving session, rather than two.

I shoved and shook, rattled and rearranged but the damn bottles would not fit. After a little bit of talking and convincing myself that it’d be fine if I microwaved the overfilled sanitizer, of course my smart ass husband walks in to witness this fine animated sequence.

“You alright in here? It looks like you’re herding cats!”

I mean, really? What do you say to that?