Not only am I an admitted pack-rat, but I’m also a product hoarder. I stockpile soap and lotions like a squirrel rationing food for the winter. My product prowess has begun to overflow into the baby’s very own stash. Who knew a kid could have so many toiletries?

Products galoreWhile I may be well on my way to garnering the Guinness Book of World Record title for most toiletries owned in the smallest space, trust me, I didn’t get here on my own. (That’s right. I have a product pusher.) Instead of stashing lotions and lip gloss in the pantry (because there’s no more room in the bathroom, of course) I thought it would be a good idea to share– in the form of product reviews.

And just to clarify, I am not affiliated with any of these companies, nor am I getting paid to mention them; I just happen to really enjoy products.

Mama Likey (Baby Likey, too!)

Burts Bees All Better Balm
Jack or should I say, baby Edward Scissorhands, loves to find the smallest fingernail on his tiny nubs to scratch and create those cat fight marks regularly. We attribute his frequent scratches to his normal burtsbeesallbetterbalm.jpgtemperament when he’s mad, or perhaps, he does it to emphasize that I don’t cut his fingernails every day.
When he was a newborn, I broke out the Burts Bees All Better Balm to soothe the tiny scratches. Though I’ve heard that baby skin is amazing and heals in top speed, I figured our baby’s dry skin could use the Vitamin E and cocoa butter on those minor scratches. While the All Better Balm may not have healed his scratches in warp speed, it certainly was helpful in the soothing his super sensitive skin. The sweet smell that BBB is known for, is an added extra. Even better, the All Better Balm is 97.91% natural, paraben free and phthalate free.
If only the All Better Balm could make my dark circles disappear!

Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses
Bbabykisses.jpgabies need lip balm? Well, yeah they do, actually. When we were first starting to get the hang of nursing, Jack regularly had nursing blisters. I’m assuming they weren’t painful, but it just looked like he needed a little more moisture on those lips for relief. My family in Va. goes through tubs of Vaseline, so I just as well assumed that Vaseline would work just fine. I was also told a tiny bit of breastmilk would do the trick too. But alas, my Product Pusher brought forth Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses. I was reluctant to use the lip balm because I’m neurotic and didn’t think it’d be safe for Hungry Jack. After a quick search, I found that the manufacturer says it includes Peruvian balsam and was formulated especially for infants and kids without unnecessary additives. So, we gave it a try and he was as good as new! Jack doesn’t get the nursing blisters anymore, but he does like to lick his lips until they’re raw– it’s a good thing for this lip balm. Baby Kisses has a light consistency baby-sweet smell, and effective enough for me to steal out of the diaper bag and use on a day to day basis.

Rimmel Light Beam
And just because it’s Friday night and I’m actually going out with some girlfriends, I can’t NOT mention this one. I totally forgot I even had this until last weekend. I was in total amazement upon the realization of its novelty. Rimmel Light Beam features a rimmel_undergroud_light_beam_lip_gl.jpgconvenient mirror on the side of the vial AND a handy light within the wand. That’s right, I said light. What would one need a light for? Well, to find a fallen paci on the floor board to re-apply lipgloss at the club. In theory, it’s a fun gadget to include in the makeup litany for those with active night lives. In terms of function, I like the portability and just knowing that I have a light within my lip gloss! I’m a lifetime away from caring how perfect my lips look in the dark, but I know there are many who will appreciate Rimmel’s non-sticky lip gloss, Light Beam. It comes in six fun sheer colors and can be found at drug stores.