Jack in bear buntingNot sure how it is where everyone else is, but it’s finally cold here in NJ/NYC and feeling like fall. Jack and I walked to my dr’s appointment this morning and he loved the brisk fall air hitting his chubby cheeks. It was cold enough to bundle the baby in one of his several buntings, his bassinet’s boot and use a blanket. Oddly enough, our hot baby was still balmy even though I was frigid to the bone!

Yesterday, Jack, Lola and I ventured into the city to take care of some errands. It was certainly a very nice fall day to be walking around! Jack did really well and even found some time to nap in between all the screeching sirens and taxi honking! The kid is definitely a city baby. We need to introduce him to nature eventually so he isn’t freaked out by those sounds!

Today marks my last official day of not working 😦 While I’m very sad that my fulltime duty as just being a mommy all day is just about up, I’ve come to terms that we’re a dual income family and will always be. Just like many households, we’re blessed with many nice things because Jack has two hard working parents. So, beginning on Monday, I’m going to try to start juggling the mommy and editor roles. I’m going to start off at home and then by December, I’ll be transitioning back to the office in the City. It turns out because of the holidays and working those extra weeks when I was overdue that I’m going back to the office much sooner than I’d planned. Even though I’m reluctantly going back to work much sooner than I’d like, I know Jack will be in good hands. As of right now, my mom is Jack’s daycare provider. My mom lives in Va. but insists on coming up every week to watch him. It’s very much a cultural thing for us, in that the lola (grandmother) accepts the role as fulltime childcare provider, as opposed to daycare facilities or private provider. I know a lot of families who have assumed similar scenarios and have had nothing but positive experiences. My grandmother did it for us and it was one of the highlights of my upbringing. Now that it’s my turn to be a mom, I wouldn’t want it any other way. After these past few trial weeks, I have a hard time seeing Jack with anyone else but family. And of course there are some Buts…

Honestly, I’m stressed and concerned about the logistics of our scenario. While I’m completely grateful for my mom’s very gracious sacrifice and willingness to watch Jack, I’m just concerned for her well being and the excessive traveling. All I know is that Jeff, Jack and I will be NJ residents for awhile. I don’t feel comfortable with my mom traveling every week just to watch the baby. And most importantly, my parents are a package deal. Having them be apart like this makes me feel guilty. Dad spent so much time overseas for work, it seems almost unfair to ask them to be apart now that they’re in their empty nest phase. We’ll see. Everyone insists that it’ll be fine and we’ll figure it out.

However it works out, I’m truly grateful for such supportive and generous parents. I’d consider myself lucky if Jeff and I can be as awesome as both sets of parents.