<—-You’re probably wondering about that delicious cup of Cold Stone.

That was the highlight of my weekend.

Three words that made my Friday night: Cold Stone Delivers.

coldstone delivers

Two years ago, on any given Friday or Saturday night, I could’ve been found sitting next to my beloved, perched on our favorite barstool at our favorite neighborhood watering hole, laughing our week away.
Now, I race home on Fridays, contemplate about cooking and usually end up ordering out instead. This past Friday night, after I put the boy to bed and Jeff went out to meet some friends, I discovered the joy of ice cream being delivered and devoured it while watching reruns of Ghost Whisperer. Mmmm… Founder’s Favorite and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

How’s that for a Friday night?

As Homer Simpson once said,

It’s true. We’re so lame.”

All I have to say is, it’s a good thing I didn’t discover this while I was pregnant.