As I was telling a bunch of my girlfriends this weekend, it finally feels like we’ve woken up from hibernation. With the nice weather here to stay, the sickness down to a minimum and the get togethers happening full force, things are looking up and I made it out of our neighborhood for a change! What a great way to end the month of April!

At the various gatherings this weekend, we not only saw a bunch of our friends that we hadn’t seen in a few months, but I also had the chance to compare notes with the various pg ladies. Alycia’s baby shower was one of the highlights of the weekend, mainly because I was able to bask in another pregnant friend’s glory!
Since Alycia’s due in early June, just about 3 months before me, I’ve been able to run to her about random questions here and there. One thing’s for sure, as with my other friends that are moms, I can’t help but have these cutesy images of our kiddies playing together one day soon.

I’m finally in that “glowing” state where I’m loving every aspect of my pregnancy. I’m feeling much better and my energy’s almost back. After a day of moping because Jeff had to pull more weekend hours for the 4th weekend in a row, it was nice to catch up on sleep on Saturday since this kid makes me want to sleep 10-11 hrs a night. On Saturday night, Jeff and I relaxed and did the baseball routine. Just as we started to eat our gourmet hot dog dinner, Jeff’s phone rang. Since it was such a gorgeous evening, his friend from down the street invited us out to a bar/restaurant in town. We hadn’t enjoyed a night out together in a few weeks, so we decided to go meet up with our friends! It felt so great to dress up, do my hair and go out again.


Everyone we were with, including Jeff and his buddy, drank enough to make up for my inability to drink. Several drinks in, our friend asked our server to bring me the special pregnant lady drink, i.e. a very sugary shirley temple with extra cherry served in a martini glass.

Even though I felt like my fake frou-frou drink wasn’t fooling anybody, I sipped it like a pro.

As I tell my former drinking buddies and considering we went out quite frequently, I really don’t miss drinking and going out as much as I thought I would; but I do miss the good company more than anything.

Later that night after we got kicked off the patio, we all went inside to dance– Jeff included! We danced until midnight, enjoyed the company of friends (and laughed at certain drunken dance moves!) I loved ordering my drink refill and telling the bartender to refill my martini glass with a Shirley Temple.

The confused, but can’t be bothered looks I got in return was priceless. When my friend told the bartender why I was drinking the childish drink, the bartender summed it up best: “now that’s pretty rockstar! 5 months pregnant and out dancing!”

I don’t forsee going dancing and shirley temple martinis to be a common occurence once I get bigger, but for now, I can’t think of a better way to pass the time until baby gets here!