To somewhat compensate for the guilt of living 350 miles away, if I don’t talk to mom every day, I try to talk to her several times a week. Mom doesn’t know how to turn on the computer, so email is out of the question. But man, she sure knows how to wield that cell phone of hers.

Knowing that the big ultrasound is looming, it’s impossible for mom to hide her excitement over the phone. (This is also the same woman who told me that “waiting to find out is also fun.”) While it can be mind-numbing to explain the same thing 15,000 times to her, all the excitement and anticipation is a reminder of how much this baby is loved. (already.)

Me: Hi mom. What’s going on? Is it warm again down there?
Mom: heehee! Hi Miss (undisclosed embarrassing nickname)! How are you? How’s Jeff? did you go to church? What’s for dinner?
oh, so. did you find out the sex?
Me:  um, no mom, the appointment is next week. But, yeah, we’re doing well.
Mom:  oh, I thought it was next week already.
Me: Nope, still set for May 8.

Me: Hey! what are you up to today? I’m sitting in the park eating lunch because it’s so nice today.
Mom: Did you find out? What happened? How’s the baby?
Me:  Yeah, me? Oh, I’m good. Things are going well. And I told you yesterday that the appointment is next week!

Me:  I wanted to see if you guys read that article I just wrote? It should’ve been mailed last week?
Mom:  eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! So what is the baby? boy or girl?
Me:  MOM! IS IT MAY 8th yet?
Mom:  no. but I thought you might find out already. Oh, by the way, we are going to have Christmas pictures with the baby this year.
Me:  Ok. fantastic. Let’s at least wait until this baby finishes cooking, k?

oh this poor baby!