I haven’t done Wordless Wednesday in awhile, so I thought this week would be a great opportunity to share an image that my friend passed along to me.

on track

on track

This photo is from the wildly popular and inspiring site, PostSecret.  It’s a site where people send in their private thoughts, confessions and secrets as a way to anonymously vent.  For the record, this is not a secret postcard that I sent.  A few weeks ago when I was torn about career and family decisions, Lisa thoughtfully shared this with me (thanks, girl!) and said,

“This is the picture on my desktop at work.  Its just a gentle reminder for me to make sure I’m always staying on track to do what I want to do.”

With much support, encouragement and inspiration from those around me, I’m happy to report that I’m back on track.  I’m doing what makes most sense for our family; I’m forging my own career path.

Look out!  Mama’s conducting this train.