Eleven months:  not quite a baby, not yet a little boy.  Or is he?

My heart is breaking at the thought of Jackson turning one in just a few short weeks.  I remember this time last year when I was anxious, but busy tying up loose ends at work before I went on maternity leave.  This year, I’m still tying up loose ends and anxious for a million more reasons.  It’s certainly bittersweet to think about how fast this year went.  We had so much fun this year, but that’s not to say it wasn’t a bumpy and hellish ride as well.

Though he may be sleeping like an angel right now, but trust me, he sleeps like crap–like 3 a.m. wails at decibles no human should be able to hear. Despite efforts to try to rectify this early on, bad habits prevailed and mama got the sleepless end of the stick (too.)  We’re working on it, but again, what works for one kid doesn’t always work for ours.  I’m a night owl anyway; sleep is so overrated.

11 months

Appearance-wise, if I may, Jack has blossomed into such a handsome little dude.  He’s smiley, vibrant and if you can imagine, he’s loquacious just like his dad.  He loves to flash that mouth full of teeth (working on 9 teef) every chance he gets.  His hair is so much lighter than I would have ever envisioned it to be.  His skin is like porcelain, but not quite as fair as Jeff, yet not as tan as me.  Those big beady brown eyes, they light up with every familiar face he sees.  Jack is still quite tall for his age.  I’m assuming he’s in the 90s as far as percentile goes.  When Jack towers over some of the kids at the park, other moms and dads kind of stare in shock when they realize my “big kid” doesn’t know how to walk yet.  I’m pretty sure his weight is hovering in the high 20s, but thankfully, his clothing size is about the same.  24 and 2T fills his closet for the most part, but after summer is done, we’ll officially retire those tight little 18m t-shirts and pjs.

Jack still loves music and dancing.  He dances every chance he gets and continues to sing very loudly at church, too.  Not that we sit him in front of the tv all day, we do watch one show together as a family.  Aptly titled, Jack’s Big Music Show showcases all aspects of music to the preschool crowd.  Though it’s only engaging to our kid for 7 minutes at a time, Jeff and I enjoy it just as much.  Buddy Guy, Cheryl Hines and even Jon Stewart have made cameos.  Actually, when I’m having another one of those crappy days at work, all I have to do is think, “Come on everybody give your foot a tap…Come on everybody give your hands a clap.  Look everybody is my dog Mel, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff” and all I can see is my kid dancing and clapping to the show’s intro.  The joy that this blue puppet, his friend and dog bring my kid is positively priceless.

As I said, Jack still isn’t walking, but he does have a myriad of other milestones to mention.  His communication skills are becoming more and more cohesive.  We’ve been doing our best to keep up with the signing, so as of today, he knows the signs for drink, eat, more, sleep, hot and bye bye.  He is beginning to understand more and more commands beyond no-no, such as “please give this to mommy.”  That’s not to say our little boy doesn’t test our limits.  He loves to make messes and shove things in his mouth every chance he gets.  When we don’t “get” him or allow him to do something (like stand on the wipes container) he throws these minor meltdowns–the ones where he flails and buries his head in the carpet.

At this point, I mean besides his own shoes and dirt, Jack likes to eat almost everything.  I usually try to make a variety of meals and have made a point to tone down the spice levels, so that Jack can enjoy whatever we’re eating.  He loves to feed his daddy whatever he’s eating, whether daddy likes it or not!  We go to restaurants maybe once or twice a week and Jack knows the drill.  For the most part, he’s become a great eating companion, well besides the throwing of the sippy cup when he’s done.

While we’re excited for this next milestone, I’m definitely not ready for my baby to become a full-on big boy.  I’m ready for the new developments, just not ready for this time to be done…well, besides the whole not sleeping thing.