The boys and I are back from our last major trip for the summer. After almost a week away, we’re finally back from our Midwest travels. As we’re getting back into our daily groove, I just thought I’d post a little update as I organize photos, memories and lament all that damn laundry.
After hours of ATV-riding, gazing at wild flowers at the farm, hanging out with family, lugging the kid to countless places to see many new faces, finding ourselves stranded in tornado-like weather and more, together with Jeff’s entire family, we experienced the Midwest at its best and worst.
The most important part is, we all convened at the family farm and enjoyed the much-anticipated family reunion. We couldn’t have asked for a better day: The weather on Saturday was perfect. The time with family was priceless. Everything came together so nicely. Without a doubt, I know good times were had by all.

More photos and recaps to come.

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