I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  The boys and I had a relaxing weekend enjoying the neighborhood, as well as our backyard– NYC.  After Jack calmed down from a rough start on Saturday morning, we went into Great Lawn the City to meet my cousin’s fiance, Jason who is in town visiting his brother.  This was the first time Jason and Jeff had met, but as Jason said, thanks to the internet and from our stories, it’s like they already knew each other.  We had a chance to relax and stroll around in Central Park, and eventually found our way to the green urban oasis, otherwise known as the Great Lawn. It’s always cool “escaping” the cacophony of the city and retreating on the luscious lawn.  While people played softball and picnicked, we all chatted and watched Jack flirt with nearby baby girls.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Once we got home, we made it back in time for the last night of our church’s feast.  St. Ann’s Feast, in many ways, goes hand in hand with so much of our life here in NJ.  In its 98th year, the feast has so much history and tradition, but at the same time, therst.ann's feaste’s a sense of newness to the congregation, which, I thought, could be conveyed through the diversity of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds.  If you will, it was old school meets new school.  As always, the feast was a week long of great music, sausage and peppers, Zeppoles and nightly novenas.  We absolutely love our church and priests, which makes the feast so much more special to us.  As much as it was a spiritual celebration for us, it was also a way to commemorate what will probably be our last summer here in Hoboken.

On Sunday, however, I thought I’d take the initiative with the changes!  Chopped itAs noted by my previous post, I’m way overdue for a change!  I thought I’d take advantage of the spa gift certificate the boys got me for my birthday and get a massage and haircut.  Since my hair grew at an exponential pace during and after pregnancy, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to cut and donate for Locks of Love once again.  So, within 2.5 years, I’ve donated 24 inches of hair!  And with that donation, it’s my hope that a child can benefit with a brand new look.

On my end, I’m hoping to benefit by facing the world with a brave new face.