Even though Jeff and I grew up at the beach, we rarely, if ever, make it down to the shore (for non-NJ people: the shore=the beach) in the summer.  There are tons of factors for this, but this year the main factor is, like most of you know, gas is so damn expensive.  I’m so sad we had to back out of plans to visit my friend/Jeff’s cousin and her family.  They’re our only family in NJ and they happen to live close to the shore.  Though I wish we could’ve made an exclusive trip to go see them, the silver lining is that we’ll get to see them at our big family trip in less than 2 weeks.  With the exorbitant increase in fuel prices, and the chain of reaction that goes with it, we are definitely starting to feel the crunch.  How about everyone else?  I mean, for crying out loud, I just paid $23 for a bag of rice!  Less than 2 years ago that same bag used to cost $8.  I keep talking about this, but I just can’t get over it.

Crazy gas prices thankfully don’t get in the way with us enjoying our church and neighborhood’s annual feast.  It’s that time of year again when we have way too many zeppoles and chow on street meat.  This year, or course, is so different because we’re not solely hanging out in the beer garden, like in years past.  We’re actually going to mass almost every night, enjoying the music and eating way more food than we should!  It’s been hot, sticky and crowded, but still a good time. Jack’s been such a trooper through the nightly novenas we’ve attended, but it’s almost like he knows he’ll be rewarded with live music afterwards.  Last night after the service, we met up with friends in time to see a fun NJ cover band. Festivals are fun, sure.  But when it’s your church’s festival, walking distance from your home, it’s even more fun.  Needless to say, Jack rocked out to various tunes by the Nerds and was a hit with all the ladies.  We, too, channeled our own inner rock stars (along with many others) by belting out the NJ anthem (Bon Jovi) at the top of our lungs.