…time to sit back and unwind.

If there was one, considering the repetitious plays on the radio, that old Fresh Prince song must be the official anthem for summer.
Ah! Summertime.

We started the first official weekend of summer like we do other weekends– with tons of activities–and ended on a relaxing note– with naps all around.


After running our usual, tedious errands, we had a chance to experience the joy that was Cupcakefest. Jack rocked out to the tunes of our friend’s band, Junkpunch, while I inhaled a handful of delicious cupcakes courtesy of one of the event’s hosts– Sweet Avenue Bake Shop. As a huge cupcake fan, I have to say, those cupcakes were damn good. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the oversized trays of freshly baked mini cupcakes that they kept bringing out. Delicious.

Perhaps one of the best parts of the weekend was the fact that our babysitter search landed us with a very nice night out to help celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. Over the course of a few months, we’d been interviewing potential weekend babysitters, so that we could somewhat have our social lives back. Well, I should rephrase that. Jeff and I are fortunate enough to be able to get out almost every Thursday evening. It’s sort of like our Friday night where we reconvene after a workweek where we pass like ships in the night. But besides that, understandably, we haven’t really had a chance to see our friends–together–sans Jack. I guess all of our stars were aligned on Saturday because the babysitter situation worked out perfectly.
I put Jack asleep, we repositioned the video monitor and wheeled his crib out to his closet/nursery. By 8:30, we were in a cab and made a dash for a childless evening. It was so nice to be out with friends, sipping beers and high-fiving the bday boy.

By 11:30, Jeff and I were quite anxious about the baby, knowing that he’d probably be up screaming looking for us. By then, our short-lived evening was over and we found our way back home.
I walked in to find the babysitter, who is an au pair for another family, sitting on the chair reading a book–exactly the same way we left her. I asked her if she had any problems and she said the words I was hoping for: nope, he never even woke up.
As I told Jeff earlier in the evening, the first night with a new babysitter would either go horribly wrong or really well.

I’m so glad it was the latter.

I kissed the baby
Sunday was my favorite kind– a lazy Sunday. Jack and I spent the morning at the park, but after a few laps around the playground and swing rides, the three of us were homebound for almost the rest of the day thanks to the on and off storms. We all took advantage of our plan-free day and napped intermittently. That was definitely my kind of summer weekend– enough fun with an equal mix of nothingness and naps! Let’s hope the rest of the summer can live up to that.