When I was reading the Sunday Times last weekend, I found an amusing little piece in the Styles section. The Styles section, usually my most favorite part of the Sunday Times, always has these interesting human interest pieces or man on the street sort of photo montages. Since it was the weekend before father’s day, they had a half page photo spread on famous dads and what they were hoping for for Father’s Day.

Among those featured were famous directors, financiers, clothing designers and other well known celebrities. These famous dads that were profiled hoped for luxurious vacations, overpriced gadgets and unattainable sports memorabilia. You know, the things that are just a little over my budget. Just a little.

I may speak for myself here, but I love reading the Times Style section to see how the other half lives. I’ll color it as curiosity and admiration, rather than the greenish shades of jealousy. It’s not about what you don’t have, but it’s about what you DO have.

The half that we do know, namely, Jeff, is the antithesis of those other dads.
at Shea

Jeff laid the law even before we turned the calendar to June and demanded that he wanted “nothing” for his first Father’s Day. I was compelled to plan a family outing to a ball game or City trip to somewhere he’d enjoy. But alas, Jeff wants none of that. Nada.

From heeding to my every beck and call last summer at my most pregnant state, to the encouragement in between contractions in the delivery room, to not skipping a beat when my body was in so much anguish after the 20-some hours of labor and the subsequent c-section, to acting as the resident therapist/firefighter as the hormones flared and the flames spiraled around him, to the instant bond and lifelong friendship with his son, to the over-protectiveness and anal tendencies where safety is concerned, to making sure our family is alright, Jeff has superseded every vision I’d ever had of him in this role as dad.
Jack and Jeff

It was a given that he’d be a natural at fatherhood because Jeff is, like those who know him best know, great at everything he does. Undoubtedly, from the beginning of my pregnancy to all the trips back home, much of the focus has always been on Jack and me. Like most dads, Jeff is always standing strong in the background in that stealth-like way the best of them do.

Jeff’s triumphs as a dad are best characterized every evening in between 6:35 and 7:00 p.m. Every time the door knob jingles and Jeff flings that door open and says, “hey buddy!” even though he can’t walk yet, Jack practically jumps out of his seat with every intention to run and hug his dad. Those few seconds of our daily routine showcase the love our son has for his dad.

That enthusiasm and joy transcends the stress of life, the sleepless nights and everything in between.

I know we’re only into his 9th month of fatherhood, but in our eyes, he’s one awesome dad.

So, yes, how does one show gratitude for someone who expects nothing but has done absolutely everything?

Per usual, I have a few tricks up my sleeve 🙂

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Happy first Father’s Day, Jeff.

And of course, Happy Father’s Day to my own awesome dad and Jeff’s dad too.