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What a week it’s been. Aside from living out of Styrofoam cooler for a good part of the week since our fridge died and the usual work craziness, the boy has continued to blast through the milestones. Just last weekend, Jack started to actively pull himself up and “big boy crawl,” or crawl on all fours and transition to sitting up from the crawling position. Other than from sitting positions, he initially started to stand when he was digging through his toy basket. (Because, the 100 other toys on the floor just weren’t enough.) From the toy basket, he’s moved on to the ottoman. It’s kind of mind-numbing to see him so persistent on being so mobile. Everyone’s predicted that he’d be walking earlier rather than later, but regardless of when it actually happens, it’s fun seeing this whole cruising stage develop.

He’s completely into everything, even more than he was a few weeks ago. Shoes, magazines, specks of dirt on the floor, the remotes, electrical wires– you name it, he’s all about it. While we’ve tried to be as diligent as possible in the childproofing department, he’ll find a loophole and get into things anyway.

He’s had several crash landings over the past few days as he pulled himself up to the ottoman. But nothing crazy. If anything, he’ll get shaken up from the initial fall and look around to see if it’s ok. Once he sees either Jeff, Lola or me, and realizes he’s ok, he’s back to climbing and pulling himself up. He’s built like a tank and can seemingly handle the falls like one too. It’s hard not to freak out about him hurting himself, but at the same time, he needs to learn on his own. My mom’s usually the first to shriek (loudly) if he does fall. I’m always there to supervise to make sure he’s alright. But more often than not, I’m usually reminding my mom, “it’s ok. he’ll be fine. and you need to relax!” As much as I’d like to hover over him and make sure he’s safe and sound 24/7, we all know what that leads to…

Speaking of relax, we’re looking forward to a fun weekend. My girlfriends are visiting, so I get to have some fun with the ladies– at the Mets game, no less! Sunday is Father’s Day and we have an agenda full of nothing, which is exactly what Jeff ordered. More on that later 🙂