As the old adage says, no good deed goes unnoticed.

While I may often joke about my crazy family, in all seriousness, I lucked out by scoring a mildly stable husband. I always tell people he’s the world-saving kind. Some may think I’m exaggerating, but really, there’s so much truth behind that.

No, really.

While I was out chasing Paris Hilton with my cousin, Jeff was being his usual philosophical self and doing his part to “save the world.” In specific, he was reaching out to one of his mentors who happens to be one of the most influential people in his life– even to this day.

from the mouth of babes

This perspective speaks volumes and is applicable to everyone.

“When you are tired, go to work. When you are frustrated, go to work. When people are trying to keep you back, keep working.” In the sense of the corps, work is practicing for perfection. In the sense of life, it is the same. Keep working to make yourself better. At work. At home. Wherever we have not achieved perfection, keep working. And since perfection is unattainable, keep working.

Quick background: participating in band is often mocked and pegged as uncool. But in reality, when people go on to pursue their talents and get involved with organizations like YEA, the world truly does become a better place…all thanks to hard working educators like George Hopkins.

Let’s just hope Jeff’s world-saving charisma rubs off on our kid. Somehow, I think it already has…

P.S. support young musicians and performers! It’s a worthy cause 🙂