Today’s one of those two handed umbrella-wielding days. The one handed umbrella grip just isn’t enough to stay upright in this wind and rain! What a contrast from the flip flop-gorgeous weather we this past weekend. The weekend was so lovely, it was one of those weekends that I didn’t want to end.

I'm a flower killerThis weekend was productive and memorable, with many thanks to my thoughtful husband and son. We spent much of Saturday doing the usual errands and chores. While Jack and I were hitting Target and the grocery store, Jeff, apparently, was out doing some shopping of his own. Jeff, like most husbands, is NOT a shopper. It meant the world to me that he was out and about shopping at my expense. Once we reconvened at home, Jeff brought home a nice bouquet of hydrangeas, which, surprise, I killed within the same day. (Don’t ask me how I killed fresh cut flowers, but I did it!)
We went out and picked up Jack’s convertible car seat since he has officially surpassed the weight limit for his infant seat. And since we were out west, we popped in to visit our friends and to do a little “browsing.”

Sunday was fun day for us. While our Sunday wasn’t the same as Sunday Funday that you debaucherous youngsters like to call it these days. Our version of Sunday fun day was so much fun. The day started out with cards and gifts too (thank you to friends and family for thinking of me. Two or three cards are actually missing from this pic! I’ll have to take an updated picture for my own records). Jack, btw, was a fan of the singing card that Jeff got me. He does his little dance where he waves his arms like he’s a bird and grooves his little body while he’s sitting on the floor–the same one he does any time he hears music!

Aside from the cards, Jack (actually Jeff) bought me this really wonderful cubby container from this awesome local vintage/antique store. Not sure if anyone appreciates eclective finds like we do, but this thing is so cool! There’s a story behind it that I’m sure Jeff could tell much more accurately, but basically, it looks like a card catalog drawer, which was actually a drawer from a local electronics(?) company that has since relocated. cards and my giftThe drawers took up an entire wall and contained various bolts and tools and the like. My specific drawer has a pull-looking thing on the front which once indicated the enclosed contents. It’s painted a very 70’s burnt sienna hue, which Jeff says he’d like to sand and repaint, just to be safe. Since it looks like a card catalog, Jeff suggested that I could store Jack’s books and such inside. But quite honestly, Jack has so many books, he needs an entire wall of shelves. So, I think I’ll use my drawer to contain memories, or rather, hard copies of pictures, cards or whatever else that I’d like to scrapbook at a later date. And how cool is it that not only is it a green gift, but it also has its own charm and history that I can take with me. In the future, I can totally see it in my craft room/office. But for now, it’ll look perfect on my shelving area. As someone who has journaled and made scrapbooks before it became a multi-million dollar industry, my little drawer is so ‘me!’ My boys help with the memory-making, but it’s my unspoken role to actually collect and preserve them.
In addition to the cards and vintage gift, Jeff got some wonderful seats to the Mets game for yesterday’s game! What a fun time that was! Separate post and pictures to come 🙂

I hope everyone’s Mother’s day was just as beautiful!