Two years ago, despite the uncertainty of infertility, I knew I was destined to be a mom. Two months ago, regardless of some minor childcare disagreements, drooly kisses and laughter filled our home. Two weeks ago, as reality reared its head in terms of my career, I hugged my boy even harder every day after work. Today, besides marriage, the plight of motherhood is, hands down, the most resilient part of my life.

It wasn’t long ago when we used to stumble home from bars several nights a week. But without any reluctance, we traded in (some) of the Friday night partying for diaper changes and making sure ALL the rechargeable batteries for each baby toy were charged.

Life as new parents is that glamorous.

In these seven short months, among other things, I’ve acquired bat ears; I’ve learned how to sleep walk; I’ve learned the true meaning of resourcefulness; how to lynch with a simple glare; how to feed every other hour even though there isn’t enough time to feed myself, but most importantly, how to swap selfishness for selflessness.
love.I’ve had my ups and many many many downs. But with each down, there was always a sweet baby squeal to balance it out– even when you dreamed that things would be perfect and they ended up falling flat. There’s nothing easy about this mom business, but knowing just how much you’re loved is what makes it so much more meaningful. Being a mom has this inexplicable element for me. I’m so driven to find that work/life balance, that truly, I can’t begin to explain how awesome it is, to walk through my apartment door every day. After an endless day, to come home to Jack, whose main debacle is which toy to eat, with just one giant smile, baby hug and kiss, everything else is forgotten.

And then all is good in the world.

If it’s possible, out of everything I’d ever wanted out of life, motherhood has always been the mainstay.

Motherhood sure as hell isn’t easy. I never expected it to be…
And, you sure as hell won’t ever hear me saying that my kid, my marriage, family or life is ever perfect. As my wise husband once told me, perfection leaves no room for growth. If we had no growth, how boring would we be?

Now, rewarding? That’s a whole different attribute that’s much more applicable.

Though far from perfect, motherhood is everything I’d ever dreamed. And for that, I’m so blessed.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms! I hope it’s filled with lots of love!