After months of anticipation, the usual fragmented sleep, unpredictable fussiness and intermittent clingyness, it’s finally happened: We have our first white cap. Jack’s first tooth officially erupted over the weekend. YAY.

As the person who’s usually consoling the inconsolable and screaming alongside of the screamer, I’m elated about this latest milestone. I’m definitely going to miss that super-cheesy gummy smile, but it feels like we’ve made progress in the teething department.
first tooth

The lower right central baby tooth made its appearance sometime over the weekend, which we noticed yesterday morning. Jeff was the first to notice it and kept trying to help me find it. I had a hard time locating it but finally found it way to the left, and not in the center-ish part that I was expecting. I know this isn’t the end of this sometimes neverending phase, but it’s a relief to see what all the madness has been about.

Like the doting first time parents, we stuck our fingers into the mouth of the lion to get a clear view of this tooth. Jack let Jeff know he wasn’t having the fingers-in-mouth invasion, so he bit him! ha! He bit me again last Thursday while I was feeding– now THAT hurt. The little tooth is barely noticeable, so we don’t have any pictures of Toothy McTootherson.

Jeff said it best when he was lovingly admiring our little piranha this morning, “Aw…look at your little tooth! You look like a can opener.”