It’s been a crazy busy week for me at works since it’s deadline time. Thus, my head is barely screwed on straight. As usual, I have lots to say, but not enough time to do it.

I do have a quick picture to share, though. In honor of our friend/neighbor, Lisa’s upcoming birthday, I can’t not share these pix that were taken at her place the other week. When one of Lisa’s childhood friends came to visit her, she kindly invited Jack and me. Why? So we could have a little babymania.

Though we have friends and family who have babies and kids, sadly, we don’t have too many parent-friends in town. So, babymania was a nice change of pace for us.

Coincidentally, Jamie, Lisa’s friend, and I were due a week apart. We met last year during Lisa’s wedding festivities. Little did we know, 2 weeks after Lisa’s wedding, Jamie delivered early and baby Nathan entered the world a bit earlier than expected. I went on to cook a little longer and delivered later than expected. It’s fun how life works, but it’s cool to see it all in motion.

It was so interesting seeing the 2 babies, who were due within days of each other, but ended up being born months apart. Jack loved meeting Nathan but was freaked out when he started to cry. And like a confused baby, Jack cried when Nathan cried.