I’m not a prankster person myself, but I certainly felt like the world was pranking me with the same usual commuting chaos this morning.

customtime_270x124.gifI did, however, get a kick out of Google’s April Fool’s pranks.
I’m so gullible, I was like, no way! A custom time stamp? AWESOME. haha. E-flux capacitor? Brilliant.

I’m one of the dumbasses that believed them!

Google’s Gmail rolled out a fake “custom time” feature, which lets users send e-mails into the past and consequently never miss important deadlines again. The new feature “utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality,” Google wrote.

While we’re talking about jokes, there’s this wildly popular blog on WordPress called Stuff White People Like. (I’m not linking to it, sorry.) One of the older entries is, Asian Girls.

I mean, I laughed out loud…at first.

For the most part, the blog is meant to be humorous (I think.) But seriously, when you’re generalizing and calling people’s kids’ annoying hybrids, it’s surely a disturbing joke.

Um, aren’t we ALL hybrids? And please, don’t even venture to the comments section. Brace yourself if you do.

Should white guy / asian girl marry, they produce hybrids that are atheistically pleasing, but are very annoying. This practice is also a means by which white people can catch up to the asian peoples in the population race, as most of the hybrids often act white rather than asian.