piano lessons
teach me!

Oh yes, pun intended.

HAHA. The significance of the title probably wouldn’t mean a thing to those born after 1982 or for those who are unfamiliar with the early 80s Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney duet. But I digress…

I’ll always remember Ebony and Ivory not only because of the sing-songy melody, but also because that was the most popular song when my kid brother (hooligan in the photo) was born.

As for the Ebony reference, when we were kids, we used to have tanning contests to see who could get the darkest after spending all day at the beach or at our pool. John always won. (Did SPF even exist back in the 80s. Sunblock? Who needs sunblock?)

Now, my kid? I doubt he’ll be winning any tanning contests, ever. One of my cousins said me over the weekend regarding Jack’s delicate complexion, “He’s so fair. Will he get dark like us?” I nodded to Jeff and said, “Nope. Have you met his father?”

Ebony and Ivory– it’s a great song and a shout out to the kid’s multiculturalism.