This past Saturday morning, we did a quick trip to TJ’s since we’re off to Va. for Easter. Like every trip to TJ’s we usually find something new. This time around after enjoying the breakfast burrito samples they were giving out, we discovered the Three Pepper Salsa.

396368845_daf690ae78_m.jpgCorrection: Jeff discovered the Three Pepper Salsa.

At the store, nudging me, he asked, “Did you get your breakfast burrito sample yet?”

“Nope, not yet,” I told him as I browsed the frozen veggies.

Headed back to the sampling corner he insisted, “Well, you better get yours before they run out!”
I think what he meant was, before he snatched all the samples up himself.

Fast forward to Saturday Night. For dinner, we had the TJ’s Empanaditas with a smörgåsbord of condiments and of course, the Three Pepper Salsa. It was my kind of weekend dinner– delicious and quick, where not much energy was exerted.

As we finished dinner, Jeff picked up the almost-empty (new) jar of salsa, and revealed what we were both thinking.
This salsa’s GOOD!” he told me.

“I know, it’s awesome– tangy, sweet with a bit of bite, too,” I said.

Noticing a dollop of salsa trickling down the jar, he licked it clean. Like it was second nature.

I was confused by this method of “cleaning.”

I haphazardly asked, “Did you just…???”

Even before I could finish my sentence, he defensively explained, “What? It was dripping. Besides, we can’t waste good salsa.”

I must say, when he’s right, he’s right. Trader Joe’s Three Pepper Salsa is damn good!


I have a few friends who have admitted that they weren’t too impressed by TJ’s small footprint and selection. It’s not a super store size-wise. But it is a super store selection-wise and price-wise. I love their specialty products and selection of inexpensive organic products.  And according to Business Week, they have a business model that works. We definitely think so, too.

If it’s any indication by our enthusiasm of one jar of salsa, we’re big Trader Joe’s fans.