On Saturday morning, our apartment looked like a nursery exploded atop an infirmary. Instead of cleaning and serving fruit juice like I should have, I put my mom/wife hat aside and had a chance to revisit my retired weekend warrior ways for a few hours.
Like the previous 5 years on the first Saturday of March, I donned my best green t-shirt, most obnoxious green beads and joined the buoyant throngs of people to celebrate Hoboken’s St. Patty’s day.

It’s hard to completely verbalize the ridiculousness that surrounds the day’s festivities because A) it’s not St. Patty’s Day yet B) it’s such a raucous event that stems from a parade that we’ve yet to witness [it exists but we’ve never been.] C) it just doesn’t seem right.

St. Patty's Day 2007, the gangDepending on who you ask, it’s good natured fun/insanity that revolves around early morning drinking, marathon citywide partying and more often than not, adults behaving inappropriately as a result of all of the above. If you calculate back to last year’s events, I was about 3 months pregnant and didn’t participate in the imbibing that brought out of town relatives and friends. With Jeff still under the weather, it was my turn for a social outing. So while the boys hung out at home, I went over to our neighbors’ condo down the block and had mimosas, bloody marys and chocolate chip pancakes– a much more subdued version of years past. As usual, I made Corned Beef and Cabbage for lunch for everyone. In contrast to my usual recipe, I braised the beef in Guinness. Anything braised in beer is pretty damn delicious if I say so myself.

Instead of checking in on Jeff and Jack via cellphone, I marched the block back over to our place to physically check in over the course of the day. That’s one good thing about being urban, well at least in our predicament: friends are just a block away. As a side note, because we’re so far from family, we decided that close proximity to friends will be a prerequisite for when we finally do move to the suburst.pattys early morning linesbs. It rocks not having to drive anywhere, especially on days like that.

I’m very forgetful when it comes to charging my cellphone, so as luck would have it, when I separated from our group for a few hours to visit Jeff’s friend in his absence, you guessed it…I lost my friends for the rest of the day. I ended up hanging out with Jeff’s friends and played Beer Pong for a few hours until I remembered that whether I like it or not, I will have a 5 month old wailing at 5am. I stumbled home by cab and reconvened with my boys, who were sitting there waiting for me.
It sounds so wrong to admit that I was out gallivanting thst.pattyscarbombse streets while my baby and husband were at home, but you know what? I haven’t let down my hair like that since early 2006. Whether it’s all day socializing or a day of pampering, everyone deserves a day to let loose. This was my day of freedom.

Jeff remained on diaper/bottle duty for several hours until I slept off the effects of Beer Pong. And just like I predicted, I was up and at ’em at 5am on Sunday morning. Regardless of what I chose to do the day before, when the boy calls, I answer. Looking back, I’m sad that I missed out on hanging out with Jack all day on Saturday. But in the same token, it felt good to have time to unwind with friends, to recharge in a way. Since I bowed out earlier rather than later on Saturday, I can’t say I was one of those adults behaving inappropriately. Having fun is one thing, going overboard is something I’ve outgrown.

We’ll leave that kind of fun to the amateurs!