With flu season in full effect, I’m quite tempted to sequester myself from all the germies floating around at work, on the train, on the bus– actually, from every where I go. It seems like no matter where I am right now, some one is coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. ‘Tis the season.

But as any parent knows, you do what you can to protect the little ones from contracting those germs, which includes protecting yourself.

As we sat and watched HIMYM last night, Jeff belted out an echoing bellow of a cough.

It sounded like a possible contamination.

I threw him THAT look, as if to say, where did that cough come from?

“You alright?” I asked almost sympathetically.

“Yeah. I feel myself getting sick. Everyone at work is sick.”

I peered at my raw hands from my obsessive hand/germ washing and unapologetically said, “OH HELL NO.”

As a preface, in my defense, if I get sick, more than likely, the baby gets sick. And please, let’s not discuss a sick and unmedicated Jen, nevermind the possibility of a sick baby.

Let’s not go there.

I continued my tirade, “I love you babe and hope you don’t get full-on sick, but seriously? Get yourself some Airborne, like now. I can’t get sick. If I’m sick, the baby might get sick.”

airborne.jpgSurely, there’d be worse things in the world if we were all sick. But if we could prevent a household epidemic, that’d be preferable.

As I went to check on the baby, I heard Jeff wrestling with boxes of Band-Aids and half-full bottles of prenatal vitamins in our overstuffed medicine cabinet. Once he found the Airborne, I followed him into the kitchen where I watched him plop 3 or 4 yellow tablets into a glass.

“uh? Aren’t you supposed to only take one per serving?” I wondered out loud.

“Pffft. One? That’s for ‘regular people.’ Since I’m extraordinary, I need a superhuman amount.”


I’m sad to report that despite the superhuman (not to mention, unrecommended) amount of Airborne he took, Jeff is, as he says, “sick as all get out.”

I’d prefer not to take Airborne myself since I’m nursing, so here’s to hoping that he feels better!

*update*  Jeff has the flu and will be out of commission for a few days.  Poor guy.   Looks like lots of crackers, ginerale and soup will be had our house!