As soon as the Codeine wore off, I felt as good as new.

Well, not really, but I felt good enough on Sunday to do a few loads of laundry then help pack up the car and babe. The three of us headed south on the GSP to go visit some of our closest geographical relatives. It was nice visiting family and not having to drive 6+hours away to do so. We had a chance to talk, catch up and have some lunch.

As the adults hung out, Jack went on a pantless strike, where he decided wearing pants at his relatives’ house was no longer acceptable. The kids did their own things since at 4 months and 2 years old, they can only hang so much. Still, it was nice seeing Katarina take an interest in her younger cousin since she’s just a few months away from becoming a big sister! I loved how she kept asking her mom why her “friend” was crying. And what her “friend” was doing, etc. The cutest thing was when Katarina  quietly walked over to “friend” who was flailing away in the borrowed Exersaucer and offered some of her crackers. Her dad had to explain that her cousin/friend is still “little” and doesn’t eat food quite yet. Even though Jack may not eat solids yet, I already have visions of him helping his cousin out in the snack department.

Other than his usual bag of tricks, Jack stared at everyone until they were uncomfortable. He did his fair share of staring at his cousin, who by the way, is the most adorable little lady. But if I do say so myself, good looks definitely run in the family.

As a side note, Jack and Katarina are examples of how kids regardless of age, will always vary in size. Even though they’re second cousins, they’re on the opposite ends of the size spectrum–much like how I was with my older brother. (Despite a 1.5 year difference, we were the same size from ages 8-28. I won in the bigger size race. He cheated by actually going to the gym.)

It was fun seeing Jeff and his older cousin hanging out with each other’s baby, especially since they were each other’s closest cousins growing up. Even though Katarina wanted nothing to do with her little cousin and Jack was clueless in all of his pantless, drooling glory, we have pictures to document the babes hanging out, just like their mom and dad did a million years ago.

Jack and KatarinaKids in pjs