The three of us had a very enjoyable, but productive weekend. As he does every morning, my infant alarm clock went off even before the sun was out. Jack and I got dressed and ventured out for our weekly trip to the best place on earth, Target. Jack and I both drooled as we oggled at all the unnecessary and necessary goodies. By 9:30 a.m. we were done with Target and went home to wake Jeff.
Can you go any faster?
With what seemed like all of northern NJ, we went to the baby store to pick out Jack’s new toy. Jack’s Exersaucer occupied a majority of the weekend. From the assembly, to the corralling of 12 (!) AAA batteries to the wobbly, upright Riverdance, the Exersaucer, so far, has proven to be hours of endless fun.
Aside from the new toy, we were productive by going grocery shopping at my 2nd favorite place on earth, Trader Joe’s. After weexersaucer 008 officially bought more than our refrigerator, freezer and makeshift cupboard could hold collectively, we headed back home. The weather was nice enough to walk around and be outside, so the boys and I walked to a little family festival indoors. He was pretty clueless as to what was going on, considering we plucked him out of his stroller and woke him from his strolling slumber. He was so disinterested at first, he made a point to barf on us both, separately. On the bright side, exersaucer 049Jack got to participate in a baby class while we were there. Even though Jeff asserted that the class was a good example of “herding cats,” Jack seemed to like looking at all the other little faces and hearing his people. He did seem to drool a bit more and also attempted to ‘talk’ with the lady teaching the little class– who Jeff described as “hot mess who sang like a really bad choir lady.”

Afterwards, we walked to Jeff’s favorite restaurant which was across the street. We had a delicious lunch and a few beers before the arctic cold rolled in. Shortly after we paid our bill, the bathe boys at Helmersbe began to expire and rightly so, whined because it was his time to eat. And as soon as we knew it, the weekend was over as soon as it began!

It’s a good weekend if it’s filled with beer, toys, Target and Trader Joe’s. Oh and my boys, too.