We’ve got a little Buddha on our hands, according to one of my aunts.
“oooooh, he looks like a baby Buddha” in reference to Jack’s ‘healthiness’ during a diaper change.

…Or even more endearing in reference to the baby Buddha, my cousin said, “I can tell he just ate because you can’t button his jeans. Suck it in, baby!

We had quite a few great one liners over the weekend, but those two stuck in my head and reminded me that today is the Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Yesterday marked the end of the year of the Golden Pig— the yearyear of the pig that, apparently, created a baby boom of sorts in China. Many relatives kept telling us how “lucky” we were to have Jack in the year of the Golden Pig. Jack’s year was THE year (Feb. 18, 2007 to Feb. 6, 2008 ) to be born, or so Chinese Folklore says. According to the folklore, children born under the pig’s patronage will benefit from the animal’s image as fat, happy and prosperous. We’ve got fat and happy covered 😉 The rest is just gravy.

According to Chinese Folklore and the Chinese lunar calendar, Legend has it that the rat was the first one to arrive when Buddha summoned 12 animals to name a year in each cycle after each one of them. The rat was followed by an ox, a tiger, a rabbit, a dragon, a snake, a horse, a sheep, a monkey, a rooster, a dog and a pig. With year of the ratyesterday marking the last day of the year of the pig, today marks a brand new era– the year of the Rat! According to various sites, the rat is a natural leader, who is eloquent and enterprising yet very sentimental and caring. The Chinese say those with a rat child are very lucky because when the parents get old the child will take care of them.

And for everyone else, it looks like we’re also in luck. The Year of the Rat is said to be a good year for business and commerce. And supposedly, the Year of the Rat brings a time of hard work and renewal in many ways that marks a good year to begin a new job, get married, launch a product or make a fresh start.

There’s a lot of celebrating going on around the world, but here in NYC there will be plenty of local festivities!

Happy New Year and good luck in the year of the Rat!