Since Super Bowl is this weekend, I thought I’d share this article about our neighbor, the NY Giants quarterback, the “geeky” Eli Manning.
In case you don’t follow sports, the media and a lot of fans are tapping Eli as the anti-hero who isn’t as flashy as other major famous NY sports figures or his (pretty) colleague, Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots.
Tom Brady, baby-daddy to Bridget Moynahan and boyfriend to supermodel Gisele, has a spiffy pad in the West Village.  The magazine insists that Eli is a goofy dude and the antithesis of the quarterback “hero.”  The article attempts to illustrate the young Manning’s geekiness with the statement, “When you’re the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and you move to New York City, you don’t live with your college sweetheart. In Hoboken.”

Whatever.  The kid’s geeky.  Let him be.
If it’s geeky to live in Hoboken, then we’re ahead of the game.
Another interesting Super Bowl tidbit:

Americans will spend an estimated $55 million on their favorite pleasure foods (think junk) so they can eat approximately 11 million pounds of potato chips, 8 million pounds of tortilla chips and 4,000 tons of popcorn.

How much food will YOU have this Sunday?

While the rest of the nation will be busy chowing on guacamole, shoving chips and chomping on wings for the biggest eating holiday behind Thanksgiving, we will be busy with our own celebration.  Jack will be baptized on Sunday as a handful of friends and all of our family look on.  On the same day as the highly anticipated Super Bowl, Jack’s baptism or Bapt-bowl, as my friend lovingly called it, will be a significant spiritual day for our family.