We have yet another road trip to Va this weekend. And since we’re leaving right after work tomorrow, I’m visualizing what I need to pack for myself…which reminded me of my latest post-partum debacle over the weekend.

I spent almost the entire weekend at the mall. I wasn’t on a boot shopping spree, unfortunately. Instead, this weekend, I had the misfortune of having to go dress shopping– because you know, my closest full of ‘old’ dresses just won’t do.

The baby’s baptism is on Sunday in Va. and of course, I had no problem helping to outfit both boys. The problem, as always, was me.

We went to one of the big outlet malls near us on Saturday and I swear, I must have circled this place 3 times. As I weaved in and out of Marshall’s, Filene’s Basement, Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole outlets, Jeff and the baby were so patient in my fruitless search.

Since I’ve had the baby, we’ve been to several weddings and other events that called for nice dresses. I wore dresses I already owned and showed off my post partum figure unapologetically. I mean, who cares? I just had a baby that was too big to come out on his own.
Yeah, I felt great while I was pregnant. But now that it’s been several months, I feel as though I need to at least look like I made an effort to ‘clean up.’

See, part of the problem I found was that everything I looked at either had a neckline that plunged to your navel and looked all hoochie mama-like or had frumpy silhouettes and floral prints that were ugly enough to make the Golden Girls nauseous.

I’ve lived in jeans and Chucks all day for the past few months, it’s hard to shed the comfort level.  I know I’m not alone in feeling like this, so I did a little search online for some inspiration. Basically, most of the sites suggested the same thing: to embrace motherhood while being yourself, go for solids, avoid being overly trendy and accessorize when you can. Then why is it so difficult to find something that’s more me and not somebody’s grandmother or pre-pubescent hoochie-mama cousin? I’m old(er) now; while some of my friends can get away with shopping in the Jr’s department, I can’t.

Frustrated at my lack of options, I told Jeff that maybe I’d wear a suit next Sunday. Two pieces, tailored, nice, plenty of fabric to cover all the unforgiving areas.

“But don’t you want to look more ‘motherly?'” Jeff asked?

If it were only that easy.


If motherly means looking like Betty White, then no thanks.
I might as well buy some mom-jeans and be done.

But alas, my search ended at the Gap with a simple A-line and empire jersey dress. The higher waist and jersey material are both forgiving and flattering. Three bonuses– it’s got pockets to hold backup pacis, has nursing accessibility and costs well under $100.

It’s classic, modern and without being TOO motherly.
Thankfully, at least I hope, I won’t be looking like a Golden Girl this weekend.