Jeff just called me to update me about Jack’s 4-month* well baby visit since I couldn’t go. The boys had a fun bonding day, complete with dances and Tasmanian Devil action.

It turns out, our little Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance) as we lovingly call him, is healthy and “a little advanced*” for his age. Jack weighs approximately 18.6 lbs, which puts him into the 97th percentile. At 26.5 in. (?) he’s in the 90th percentile for height and his head circumference is in the 75th percentile. The dr. recommended that we could start rice cereal within the next few weeks mixed with breastmilk but hold off on other solids for 2 months, which we intend to do. Also, he suggested that now would be the time we drop the night feeding. (YESSSSS!) Jeff said Jack got his 4 shots and besides the lip quiver and quick cry, daddy was there to make it all better.

You’re probably wondering about the Lord of the Dance reference. Jack, as expected, was pretty active for Jeff while at the dr. As I often say, Jack is constantly moving. He does not sit still. When we change him, he likes to do a jig a la Michael Flatley which makes for an interesting diaper change. A task that would take 2 seconds takes 15 minutes because we try to put an end to his dance.
Anyway, at the dr., you guessed it, Michael Flatley was in full effect in the exam room. Jeff said Jack’s Lord of the Dance routine was so intense, the paper on the table was completely destroyed before the dr. came in. Jeff said it looked like the Tasmanian Devil came in for a quick visit.

Jack was good for the dr. besides his new found ability to blow raspberries with his lips and tongue. When he wasn’t grabbing the dr’s arms, he was doing the raspberries, or rather, spitting all over him. I was practically in tears from laughter with visions of paper all over the floor and the dr. wiping his face from the baby’s raspberries.

I’m so grateful the boy is healthy and active, but if his dr visits are any indication, this kid’s going to keep us on our toes. Oh boy.

*because I’m anal, perpetually researching and couldn’t be at the appointment, I dug up this 4 month checklist which Jeff did a great job and answered all the questions in my absence.

**I’ve only been a mom for 4 months and I’ve started to feel the pressure of how moms and well, women, are constantly judging and comparing. I put this phrase in quotes because I’m sure every mom thinks their kid is the greatest. In this case, it’s his dr. who said that his development seemed a little advanced. Trust me, I’m in no hurry to grant my kid any superlatives.