In case I haven’t professed one of my biggest passions in life, let me tell you about my shopping vice. I love shopping–but not in the $900 boot binge kind–I’m talking cheap. I love bargains, I live for clearance racks, I stalk out the best sales– the grocery store notwithstanding.

Anyway, I love the grocery store sales paper that we get every week. I like to study the paper and then compare my coupons, as if it’s my mission in life to become the coupon lady. This is how glamorous my life has become.

What I’m getting at is this: I love bargains, but at the same time, I’m not willing to sacrifice my expensive taste, either. So, that’s where the studying of the sale paper comes in.

Can you imagine what I looked like on Saturday when I saw that the Been tenderloin was on sale? I had pictures of Filet Mignon and Chateaubriand dancing around in my head!!

I bought my cheap Beef Tenderloin and decided to give a stab at making Chateaubriand. Appropriately enough, in the latest issue of Cookie, I remembered seeing a recipe for a Valentine’s Day Chateaubriand.

The recipe was straightforward, even though I never have shallots on hand. It did, however, call for red wine, which I had plenty of!! The meat turned out great, even though I had a crying baby and had to nuke the undercooked meat a bit (so we could eat in time for me to nurse before the kid pitched a tantrum!) I paired it with some steamed veggies– nothing out of the ordinary. The sauce was delicious, but it could’ve used a little more flavoring from the drippings. Jeff and I ended up having another serving each, which weren’t nuked. Those slices of beef turned out WAY better. The meat almost melted in our mouths.

Because of the cost of this cut of meat, I highly recommend trying the recipe when the beef loin goes on sale or for a special occasion. Check out the recipe at Cookie!