Over the weekend, I put the baby in his crib for a nap. His head, as always, was under the mobile. While he napped, I went to do the dishes but lo and behold, not even 10 minutes later, Jack was fussing. When I went to go check on him, he was completely sideways with his feet propped up on the bumper. His scooting skills have reached a new level, apparently.

My mom’s been telling me for the past few weeks that Jack has been rocking and trying to roll. So, all weekend, we did our best to keep him on his blanket on the floor to encourage the rolling. He blabbed and cooed at his toys and even met a friend in Mr. Ottoman. But it was while he was on his tummy yesterday when he finally took his scooting abilities to a new level and showed off his latest development milestone.

I read that because babies spend so much time on their back, they usually learn how to roll from their stomachs onto their backs first. A few weeks later, they figure out how to reverse the process and go from their backs onto their stomachs.

Jack’s new mobility reminded me of one of our nephews who skipped the crawling phase and went from squirming to walking. Which led me to this article where it says, babies liked being on their backs so much that they appeared to have no incentive to turn over onto their stomachs. Though it’s a bit outdated, it’s a good read about the changes in development.

Reading and reminiscing about development makes me so anxious for each new milestone. Once Jack rolled onto his back, we cheered, I caught it on video and he knew he did something cool and giggled along with us.
If his scooting mastery and latest rolling milestone is any indication, I think we’ve got a mobile baby on our hands. Brace yourselves.