It’s my beloved’s 31st birthday today! Happy Birthday to an incredible husband turned baby-daddy.

What a difference a year makes! Last year, we celebrated Jeff’s birthday with a bar crawl around town. This year was and will be much more subdued. On Saturday, while Jeff slept off his Friday night fun on the sleeper chair, Jack and I went shopping for presents. After giving Jeff’s birthday present early (so he could have the entire weekend to play with his new toy,) the three of us had a nice weekend watching football, relaxing and trying to stay warm.

Tonight, we have plans to eat out at Jeff’s favorite restaurant with a few local friends. Though it won’t be for long, I’m excited that I actually get to go out on a school night! woohoo!

daddy and jackFrom my frequent Jeff-isms and diatribes touting my comical and adoring husband, it’s quite obvious how lucky I am to have married someone so awesome. Thank you for making me laugh every day, wiping my tears, giving me hope, granting all my wishes and most importantly, enduring the baby trifecta (poop, pee and barf ON daddy) at 4am without skipping a beat.