In our somewhat former lives, we vowed that we would not invest in “real” furniture until we bought a “real” house, for fear that our debaucherous behavior would add insult to injury in our small space.

Alas, with mom with us during the week to watch Jack, we’ve had to be creative with sleeping space for the interim. So, we decided it was time to get real furniture.

Over the summer, Jeff and his friend tried to move a conventional-sized couch up into our 2nd floor walk up. Three hours of pushing, endless expletives and a detached apartment door, it was obvious that we couldn’t get a full sized couch through our strangely positioned front door. So, what’s one to do?

We decided on getting another chair, but this time, we got one that folds out into a twin-sized bed. Perfect! It even came with a storage ottoman to hide clutter store blankets and pillows.

Since my mom’s bus arrived a bit late on Monday, I was already at work when Jeff showed off our new piece of furniture. Jeff and I joked and made bets on mom’s reaction.

During one of my many phone calls to my mom, our conversation about the new chair went something like this:

me: So, do you like the chair? Cool, huh?

mom: Oh, yeah. It’s nice. How you get it inside?

me: We had it delivered. The guys brought it up and were done in 10 minutes.

mom: Oh, but that foot thing? How you call it? You know, the thing where you put the foot?

me: you mean ottoman? You can open it and put stuff inside.

mom: yeah. AUTO-man, for the foot. Why you get it? You don’t need it. You can put your foot on the floor.

me: yeah…about that. The AUTO-man came with it mom.  Besides, we thought we’d go crazy and buy something we’d be allowed to put our feet on!

haha. Leave it to my frugal mom to question our “real furniture” buying exploits.

By the way, I was dead on about my mom’s reaction 😉