The three of us had a nice family weekend filled with a class at church, lots of football, walks around town, a visit to the library, arrival of our new sleeper chair and dinner with our neighbor.   Despite the relaxing weekend and the “big” snowstorm missing us, like clockwork, mama still has the case of the Mondays.


When I was a kid, my mom regularly told me various stories of her catholic school days, and how the nuns put the fear of God in all the kids if they talked out of turn or misbehaved.  Assuming that we’d heed her anecdotes, my brothers and I would occasionally sit still and pretend we were good little kids.

So why is it every time we go to church my child insists on grunting and going #2 loudly during the homily, burping loud enough to echo, snoring loud enough to make heads turn, attracting wacko stalkers (!) and most recently, talking up a storm during our baptism class?  At  an early age, though he has no idea, my kid wants to make sure he is seen and heard at church.

We had our baptism class on Saturday at our neighborhood church.  The class was an overview of what to expect for a baby’s upcoming baptism and the significance behind this sacrament.  Almost everyone in the class took along their newborns.  Of course Jack was the biggest baby (size and age wise) since our baptism plans were pushed back until after the holidays.  Jack napped for the first half of the class but towards the end, he peeked his eyes open, heard the Sister talking and decided he wanted to interject.  For a good 5 minutes, Jack talked along with the Sister who conducted our class.  With the laughs from other parents, I had early visions of him being a class clown in the years to come.  Oh boy.  Anyway, the class went well and we’ve got the go-ahead for his baptism to take place at my church back home.

Now about that stalker– just last week, Jack and I took my mom to church after I got home from work.  Since it was his bedtime, Jack fell asleep during the quick mass.  Since there are so little people in church on the weekdays, you can see all the same faces.  But last week, there was a mullet-sporting wackjob who eerily got up from his seat on the other side of the church to walk over and peer at my child in his stroller for an awkward 15minutes or so.  Why?  I have no idea.  They guy was weird.  When everyone got up to take communion, I stayed behind bc of the stroller situation.  The wacko proceeded to yell obscenities IN church.  yeah. strange.  The guy went on to study Jack again, which is when we excused ourselves and I promptly called Jeff to meet us for our walk home.

Every town has its village idiot, I guess ours just so happened to be at church that night.